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8800GTS temperature? 65C <-- is this normal?

Well, i just bought a new rig equipped with a MSI manufactured Nvidia 8800 GTS graphics card. By using NVIDIA Monitor software, the graphics card was detected with a operational temperature of around 65 degree celcius. Just wondering, is the detected temperature normal or is it considered as overheating?
It's overheated. 65 degrees during load is OK, but when it's idle... I think it's overheated.
It is not alarmingly high, but it would be better if it was lowered. Are you sure your looking at the right thing? What do the letters say in front of the 65 degrees?
Thanks for the quick response.

Here's a picture:

Well, the temperature has dropped. However, i'm still worried about it. I guess it should have been lower since the computer is placed in an air-conditioned room. FYI, the lowest temperature ever recorded is 59C and the highest is 66C.

Overheat or normal? Anymore opinions?
My GPU temp reads around 53 degrees on my 7900 GS KO Smile
If you would like to decrease the temp of your GPU, than I would sugguest to get a graphics card cooler. They are fairly cheap and I have heard they do a good job.
sometimes these monitors lie to you if you have another way of measuring temp then do so
Your temps are fine, the 8800gts runs idle on everage of 55-60c. Does anyone evr try reading up on the net about these things before giving advice, I have a 8800gtx and its oc'd and running at 60c idle and 88c full load, yes its hot but what you must remember is that 1st im not playing on it 24/7 so not gonna ruin its life too much and 2nd silicon can withstand heats of upto 120c before it starts to do damage!
Your temps are normal.

Video cards run MUCH, MUCH hotter than CPUs, NBs, HDDs, etc. Usually 45-60 degrees idle is normal. 65 idle is a bit hot, but as long as you are under 100 load, you are fine.

Temps aren't too important, as long as they stay reasonable. I ran an old AMD 2000+ server with the CPU temp @ 120+ C for two years, 24/7, until the mobo died. With an 8800, and that massive heatsink, I'm sure you are fine. The card will "thermally throttle" itself down or off if it gets too hot automatically.
Under load mine runs a little hotter than the temp you listed. When idle its around 8 degrees cooler than yours but I also use an aftermarket cooling system. Don't worry about it, the 8800 should be ok at that temp.
as long as you are not overclocking and there are no artifacts all is good till about 80 degrees under load. I have a 6800GS unlocked to 6800GT with stock heatsink and fan overclocked from factory and it idles 60 and load 72. I checked around and for the 6800GS that is normal as this card runs hot with no overclocking.

Summery, Don't Worry!
My EVGA GeForce 7900 GS KO idles at around 45-53, and on load it is around 53-58 Smile
Yeah, I had the same problems with my Nvidia GeForce 6800GT it was idling at 65C and would go up to 90C, it was running a little hotter than it should. I put an aftermarket cooler the AC Silencer, which really helped with the temps. The cut off temp for a lot of the GeForce 6 Series up is 127 C. As long as you don't have any problems with your video card, it should be fine to run hot.

I currently have a 7900GT (Stock Speeds), with and aftermarket cooler, the 7900 Zalman. That runs from 40 C to 55 C under load, but I have really good air flow through my system.
GPU's run much hotter than CPU's, 65C idle is a little high but not dangerous. If it goes higher than say 95C Load I would either downclock is if your overclocking it, dust your case out, or buy an aftermarket cooler.
65C is a normal for so hot video like 8800GTS. Anyway it would be helpful if you add additional ventilation in your case.

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Thanks for all your replies guys! Now, at least i can hold back and sit down without worrying about my 8800gts temp.

Anyway, after googling around for 8800gts temperature, i found out that most 8800gts users are running their gpu between 55 C - 75 C. Well, i guess it's normal.

Actually, i was just surprise to see the huge temperature difference between my intel E6300 cpu and the 8800gts gpu. Just wondering why graphics card gets hotter and hotter while their performance increases. Reminds me about how my previous nvidia geforce mmx400 runs so cool as compared to my current 8800gts. It's the total opposite of microprocessors as their operating temperature decreases with every new technology the microprocessor industry unveils.
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