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Yes, I'm looking for PHP scripters to help with a non-for-profit semi-open-source project (Woo, that's a lot of hyphens).

The concept?

Most people do not have good internet connections.
Servers do.

Most people have no idea how to install stuff such as PhpBB, SMF, etc.
Let's make life easier for them.

Other people are just too lazy to spend forever installing stuff.
I'm one of them!

So what's the solution to all this?
An incredibly small program that installs web software.

"Oh, and how is this all going to work?" You ask.
You can make a file smaller than 1kb which is capable of replacing itself with another file from a server. That file then has a form, in which people choose what to install, and another to configure MySQL settings etc. That file then downloads all necessary files from a server. Then it creates the MySQL database and installs the web-software.

It would also include the option for it to install a plugin for each individual piece of software that includes an autoupdater, and that is able to install plugins and themes from that server.

So my question to you: Would you like to help? Smile

This is a non-for-profit thing, meaning that I will not be profiting from this in any way.

Thanks - Tobias.

Ps: No, this topic is not spam. I've already checked. Have a nice day!
I am no good at PHP, but I will gladly design a theme for your site. (again :p)
Yeah I'll help you with this but i am kinda busy right now with some stuff but I'll catch you on msn.
Well that's two people... But is there anybody else? Anybody at all? Please? Smile

Anybody with php skill can help, even people who can't do php but can make web templates can help!
Hogwarts wrote:
Anybody with php skill can help, even people who can't do php but can make web templates can help!

Um, I do believe that this position has already been taken! :p

Nevertheless, somebody to clean up my messy code would be welcomed with open arms!
I have good PHP skills, I'll gladly help.

EDIT: I'm a bit busy now, can't help, sorry.
Star Wars Fanatic
I might be willing to help, but I don't quite understand what it is you are trying to do... Maybe it can be further explained to me Smile
It's software that installs software Wink

It's designed to make life easier, and I can try to explain it with an example:
1. They upload the installer file (A mere few hundred bytes! Only 265b right now, and it's not fully optimized yet!)
2. They chmod it. Using FTP or a control panel, that really isn't hard.
3. The installer file downloads the main installation file from the server. It uses CSS and images hosted on the server.
4. They select what software they wish to use.
5. They put in details including
- MySQL information
- Admin account information
6. The installer verifies all that information.
7. It reads what files it needs to download and what their permissions need to be, then it downloads them from the server and chmods them.
function getFileF ($source, $destination, $permissions) {
   $file = $source;
   $newfile = $destination;
   copy($file, $newfile);
   chmod($destination, $permissions) or die('There was an error when downloading a file. The ID of that file was $file[$c]');
$row = 1;
$handle = fopen("", "r");
while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) {
    $num = count($data);
    for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) {
        $function_vars = explode (",", $data[$c]);
        getFileF ($function_vars[1], $function_vars[2], $function_vars[3]);

8. It configures everything and creates the MySQL database
9. It relocates itself to /phpinstall
10. It provides automatic updates for the software installed, an uninstaller, etc.

Thanks for your interest Smile
So, what your doing is taking a program that is already made like phpbb, and making a new installer for them like a WAMP for windows operating system...
Windows, Apache,Mysql, PHP installer... but this would be php form they give information for mysql database, administration user name, and password, where they want the new program located, and the rest of the program installs itself... using
to find the documents root, this way the program can self install itself....

is this correct?

no offense, not interested in doing it, but just wanted to make sure I understood what you wanted... maybe better for others to understand too, if im correct...
The program doesn't install itself.

In simpler terms, it's like YUM or Adept Installer for linux.

If in Linux, say Ubuntu, you'd say...
apt-get install firefox

... and it would install firefox.

This would work similarly, but would also provide a graphical user interface.
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