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Wireless Cards for Mobile Internet Access

I am using a Sierra Wireless AirCard 775 for internet access. This is a great piece of hardware for those who are on the move. It is a PCMCIA wireless card for laptops designed for internet access. Works in areas where there is GSM/EDGE coverage.

The card is a Class 12 card (4+4 slots, 5 max) - which means it can upload better than most GSM mobile phones and some other competing data cards. Currently, for GSM/EDGE, I think there is no better card.

Download speeds vary amongst different providers. Using the AirTel (India) Mobile Office at one time - the fastest download speed I got was 18KB/s (17KB/s sustained) with upload speed of 12KB/s. But that was some time ago, and now AirTel India throttles the connection every hour or so. Which means most of the time, the speeds are terrible.

Anybody else was using similar cards? And anyway to stop this throttling? At times speeds come down to 2-4 KB/s which really causes nausea in the morning. :-& Checking mail is a horror at times.
I recently used a Novatel S620 wireless card on Sprint's network. This is an older generation card that has been replaced with the S720 wireless card. The S720 has improved throughput (600K) as compared to the S620 (400K). I have not tested the throughput but it seems pretty good when the antenna signal strength is good. I use the card in airports and other locations that do not have free wireless or ethernet connectivity. I typically create a VPN tunnel over the connection and access my office PC using RDP. The performance has been pretty good; a whole lot better than dial-up.
what is the speed of that connection may be...?
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