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Company website made entirely from Microsoft Publisher!

basementgamesltd This website is made entirely from Microsoft Publisher. It's our company website and our basis is developing board games. It's pretty neat....check it out. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. Keep it real....

- Tom
That background is.... funky. The color scheme seems a little off too. Not very attractive.
Perhaps the most obvious and glaring omission ...

Who do you design your games for? Who do you sell them to? How do you sell them? How much do they cost? Where are they available?
It seems that Publisher has same bad sides as in Frontpage, but not so much. The background is too tiny for a widescreen monitor, but it would be always a problem on that kind of backgrounds, if there is not used some css-tricks. The top pictures are too high. I'll need more space between edges and pics.
This site is best viewed with the latest version of Internet Explorer!
Why the site is only for latest IE ?! According W3C Stats, IE7 has less users that Firefox and IE6 alone. You should optimize the site for every browser.

If you are really a professional game studio or make good games, I wouldn't bellieve it when I see your site.
Captain Fertile
For someone using publisher to create a website these days I think you have done a GREAT job. Applause

Even using the latest, cutting edge software and with years or scripting and graphic design experience people are going to find fault with a website so take advice with a pinch of salt - unless of course you wish to spend the time learning all that stuff as well as selling your games.

Don't get me wrong, the info given is all still worth listening to of course, they are valid points but..

There are a heck of a lot of sites out there that meet all the 'great' ideas about what makes an acceptable site technically, guess what? They get no visits, have no members or sell no product.

Know why? Nobody visits because the peole have spent so much time getting the latest technology, bells and whistles and latest 'must have plug-in' that the Jones' have they have no content, nothing of interest, no product.

The site looks fine as a business card or way to get your product across to visitors to me, now pack it with the information mentioned above about your company and what and who you sell to.

Don't worru about the design, it is acceptable for a company called basement games - kind of goes with the name really, I mean this with all respect. Very Happy

For a way to get information across it will do the job.

If you need a more high tech image or are aiming at the high tach market you will need to aquire the skills to create a bells and whistles website or pay someone to do it for you. If you are aiming at another market your site is fine, just pack it with info people need to know.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!
Dont put text in images like this

Google and every other search engine on earth cant read it, and it makes the page load longer. Your header & footer dont match the pre 98' gradient backrounds. I would suggest using dreamweaver if you want a wysiwyg editor, you can get their free 30 day trial.
It seems like you did put some time into it, but there are many things you need to improve on. First is the look, it just looks like its from 10 years ago, just not very modern looking (definitely not web2.0). Also, there are many issues such as mentioned before with the text in images (you get no benefit from this and it makes your page load slower).

I think the best thing to do would be to learn html. Simple html is pretty easy to understand and once you know it your sites will be better coded and maybe look better too (especially if you learn some css too).

here are a couple of specific suggestions:
get rid of the gradient background, doesn't look professional
get rid of or modify the microsoft wordart banners (everyone knows where its from, also doesn't look very appealing)
dice image doesn't match the rest of your site (the color is way off)
maybe put some screen shots of the games/projects you have
make the email link on contact us page clickable
I am also not fond of the scrolls
try to pick a color scheme and try making most of your site in these colors/shades of these colors
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