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Wii updates incredibly slow??

So I finally got my hands on a Wii today. I get it all hooked up and connected to the internet. It asks if I want to update it. So I start the update. Approximately an hour later, the update isn't even 1/6 done. At this pace, it won't be updated until at least 6 hours from now. Does anyone else have this problem?

I am using a wireless linksys router with a cable modem connection. The internet is working fine and up to speed. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution that isn't "buy a LAN adapter"??

Someone help please!
I have the same problem! Someone help?
Well, the connection may be bad. Try moving the Wii close to the router and see if it works better.

Myself I'm using a D-Link DI-524 which is working great Very Happy
My Wii only takes maybe half an hour to update. But then again it is in the very same room as my wireless router. Maybe it takes so long because it needs to download all of the updates from the beginning making for a very large download.
My Wii took about 10min to update when I first got it online. I was using the Nintendo USB Connector though. I wouldn't reccomend since it only connects my Wii to the internet sometimes. I think I fixed the problem I was getting with it though. I heard some good and bad things about the linksys router. You might want to google around and find what your problem is.
i would like to help but my updates take apprx 10 mins to download, try getting closer as before suggested, alternatre method of connecting, turning of other pc's that use your net maybe?
Yeah, mine only took about 5 minutes to do the whole update, and then it was ready to go. I'd say the same that other people have said, move your Wii closer to your access point if you can. Also, if you know how, check and see what channel your AP is set to. The Wii manual suggests either 1 or 11, since they don't conflict with other wireless devices as easily.
My first update took about 5 mins.. And I have the Wii and the router on different floors..
Hey Everyone!

Thanks for all of your replies! Since I posted this, I believe I have managed to fix the problem. I think it was a combination of 2 issues. One being that it was the first time it had been updated (and therefore a large download.) The other being that my router was set to the default channel of 6. After the download, I tried a couple times to connect to the shop channel (which didn't work at all.) I later read about switching the channel to 1 or 11 somewhere. I switched to channel 1 and was able to easily connect to the shop channel. I have heard others complain about how slow the shop channel is, but I had no problems at all with the speed with which the shop channel pages loaded.

I did not have the option of moving the wii or the router in my house, but they aren't that far from each other in the first place (maybe 20-25 feet apart in adjacent rooms.)

Since changing the channel to 1, I have not had any updates to download, but I did download the internet channel and the everybody votes channel with ease. I think the main problem was interference and that switching to channel 1 fixed that problem.

Thanks everyone for your input! If anyone else is having this problem, I recommend switching the channel on your router!
i had that problem but soon anoth i tried bigger memory and hey it workded better Laughing

but might just be me but seemed faster thn before.....
My friend has a similar problem in that his wii downloads everything super slow. Downloading a VC game takes around 10 times as long than if he were downloading the rom, which is weird.
When I update My Wii it does not even take half of the time as you said When I update its properly 10-20 Minutes maybe when you were updating it lots of people were updating at that time the New Internet Browser Final Server just came out like the same day you mentioned it maybe lots of people were just updating at the same time.
A lot of it has to do with how close your Wii is to the router. And also a bit with how many people are using WiiConnect24 at a time, and what time of day it is.
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