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Favourite school subject and why?

I would have to say my favorite would have to be Health Education, it is the easiest class for me, well it is for me... lol

But I would have to say that Electronics class is right there.
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mo3adz wrote:
I would have to say my favorite would have to be Health Education, it is the easiest class for me, well it is for me... lol

But I would have to say that Electronics class is right there.

ICT, Reason being im good at it Smile I suck at everything else

IT and P.E .. There the only ones im good at Razz
Sport ( Health Education ) is my favorite subject as it is outdoor subject. I feel so trapped inside the class, but Math iand Drawing are actually quite alright subject.
Physics because our teacher is awesome and its the class where you actually use all that math you thought was pointless.
I go to an art college, so I'd have to say that my favourite class thus far is Image Manipulation, hands down. Being able to be on a computer, working with Photoshop, and relaxing in the process...what's not to love?
I like Math. Physics is nice too - because it uses a lot of math.
Science because just the way it works. I like the idea of assuming you don't know anything and just observing so that you can later try to understand something. It uses other things to. Math for one and of course lanquage because without it how you could ever communicate.
Music... actually, my favourite subject these days are my singing lessons. Though I can't sing; so yes I do feel sorry for my poor teacher Wink
my favorite class would have to be math because i have an awesome teacher and i don't even have to anything to get a A so its easy for me.
My favorite class would be from High School. I always loved Carpentry Class because it was an entire hour and a half of just messin' around with saws-and-what-not.

Besides that, I always excelled in English and English III was the funnest because by then the teacher gave you little homework but it was pretty complicated so we just did that in class and when we were done we would talk and act up while the teacher read her romance novels Laughing .

God bless,
Favorite class would probably be CADD, just because I love what we do in it, and the teacher is hands down the best in the school. Smile

Other than that I would probably choose math, math just sorta clicks for me.
Yeah, my favourite is maths too. I like it because it all seems to make sense and when you finally understand how to do a hard algebra problem or the like, you feel fantastic Very Happy .

Sometimes, though, maths makes me really frustrated when I can't get the hang of something and there doesn't seem to be any way to do it. Rolling Eyes .
IT, I own at IT. also maths, easy as pi...
my favorite subject would be IT, specifically programming because that is where Im good at.. I like mind boggling activities. I like to think and solve!.. Very Happy
kevin briggs
my favourite school subject was woodwork,simply because there was no text books or writing,you were able to work with your hands and be able to move around the classroom to different machines and not be in your seat listen to a teacher ramble on for 30 mins.
oh by the way i am a tradesman now a carpenter and joiner
Jakob [JaWGames]
Physics and maths because I loves those subjects in which you gets the possibilty to use you brain a lot.
I got to say I like most classes if the teacher is actually willing to teach and make it slightly interesting. Especially Math Physics and Computer classes.

Shocked Wow, I'm surprised how many people do like math. Everywhere else that seems to be the most hated subject
my favorite subject is Free Enterprise because its easy and i have an interest for that stuff since i wanna start my own business one day.
Geography. Because each and every person has a story to tell. You know about their lives, where they've been, where they are and where they're going.
Physics and Math because it was interesting for me and teachers were very kind perosons... but I always hated Russian Literature and Language (oh there were such evil and horrible teachers).... hm ... /strange is that now I've become Russian teacher / Shocked
In highschool you know not mutch but basic classes yet I have this teck ed class that is awsome went to state competion for C02 racing Cars Razz
One of those mess around classes were teacher isnt strict or always mad almost always on computers always got the new PhotoShop I got the new version when they come out also
I love math and physics, because I think is the only way to explain the reality of the Universe.
oleszka wrote:
Physics and Math because it was interesting for me and teachers were very kind perosons... but I always hated Russian Literature and Language (oh there were such evil and horrible teachers).... hm ... /strange is that now I've become Russian teacher / Shocked

If you do better than your teachers it's great! Wink I had a young English teacher, who became a teacher to do a better job than the teachers he had had - and I'd say he was one of the best teachers I've ever had!
My favorite has to be gym. can't live without it
My favorite class's in school was Technology Studies and American Government/Economics I liked Technology Studies because I get to do things I love to do like Design things and build different things like websites and stuff like that. I like Government because I get to really learn about things such as politics and how the Economic works.
Mine is Video Production. I like making movies and it is really fun. I just have been doing it for a couple weeks so my movies aren't that good. But soon, I will be able to make really good and funny movies. I'll get back to you and share some links to some movies of mine
It changed several times in the course of my

In middle school it was photography, because the teacher was so nice and we got to experiment with things we've never done before.

Then, in high school, because it didn't fit with my whole curriculum, I abandoned photography and did studio art. Although I did not particularly like that class. I actually changed my "favorite" subject according to whether I liked the teacher or not. So in 9th grade, because we had this totally cool English teacher who broke us from the normal way of writing things, I loved that class.

Then, it was Math (yeah I know, weird huh?), because again, the teacher was so nice and smart. But AP Programming, I liked it not because the teacher was nice (he was, he was nice and funny, but that wasn't the reason). I was one of the only 2 girls in that class, but I did better than most of the guys there. It was fun XD

As for college, I liked the semester I took English, the professor was awesome. We just all sat there and debated all day all the time. Now, half way through college, I guess I enjoy Japanese, although there are times were I just wanna throw in the towel due to frustration.

As you can see, I'm about as stable as a volcano in terms of what I like.
My favorite subject is computer programming. I'm taking computer science right now, and I'm loving it. I happen to have a natural feel for programming, so I do really well without struggling like I do in language classes.
Also, while it's not my favorite subject, I like english writing classes. No I do not like learning about language, but I do well at writing, which I guess doesn't make much sense, but it works out in my case. I happen to do really well I guess, or so I have been told.
my favorite subject was literature and russian (my native language). but i can't say, it was a matter of a subject itself, but of a lesson. i had a wonderfull teacher, who also lead our class. every lesson with her was just gorgious. all of us listened to her without breating, made our homework constantely and were angel-kids on her lessons, although she never shouted or made us to be sceared of her...
My favorite subject has always been Social Studies and anything in that branch. US History, World History, World Geography, etc. For some reason im talented like that:P I just know my places and the history. When i was younger i always go to the discovery channel or history channel and watched this interesting shows about certain places.

Another favorite subject is Health because i also liek learning about the body. I always watch the health shows on TLC on wednesdays. You know like Untold Stories of the ER, THat obese show.....that stuff about the Obese clinic, and those other weird medical mysteries. My friends also tell me i make a good doctor because i know many diseases and stuff.

Last is Gym. COme one its GYM! I love to exercise and play sports. Its like a high, you can never quit
English (The subject it self is easy and the teacher is a legend!)

P.E (I just love it, sports. Keeps me active and fit)

S.O.S.E (We might have a tight assed teacher but the subject is awsome, I've already knew things that I never knew about)
History, until a few years ago it was math but now I think history's more interesting.
computers... and may be phy... dnt know... may b i can experiment freely in both of them
my favorite subject was webdesign and gym.. work ur brain and ur body Smile
Hoogeveense RAT
my favorite subject at school was Economics because it's nice to 'solve' economic problems and our teacher is one of the best teachers in the world Very Happy.
Math and Physics... Math is great... it seperates the strong and weak... and physics because it uses calculus...
meet in rio
At school, it was probably Design & Technology... just making things, playing with power tools and drawing scratchy little diagrams. I loved making stuff with my hands and had reasonablly fine spatial awareness (despite being a abysmal at art and drawing!), but I didn't continue the subject past GCSE.

At A-Level it was probably English Literature, just because I was pretty good at it; although I also enjoyed Latin, because the class was just totally crazy.

I'm majoring in English and Spanish right now, but I tend to enjoy the 'on-the-side' subjects, just because they're my 'fun' ones. Last year I took a beginners' German course and next year I'm going to do Ancient Greek, which is something I never got to do at school but always wanted to. I like to learn languages until they get past the 'I have a cat and I want two kilograms of bananas' stage!
THough my course is bs math, i find myself to love programming and studying physics.. I like programming and creating softwares. I like physics esp. electronics! Smile ..
my favourite class, is from high school. Information Technology (I.T) always posted a challenge for me and particularly i wanted to excel in it because as it turned out later on i wanted a job in systems administration working primarily with CISCO systems, i am now training in it Smile

Strive for your goals and they will surely come to those who wait, my mother always said, i've waited a damn long time and it's true it finally came..

keep up the good threads people..
My favorite class is science, i really enjoy and am actually really good at it. I also enjoy technology class and am getting really good at pro desktop.
I loved Calculus Physics I. We had a brilliant professor. The professor makes all the difference between subjects you already like. Runner up would be Calculus IV. Boring professor, but cool subject. Bit beyond both now though. Wink
My favourite subject has got to be chemistry.
Chemistry is basically memorizing formulas and the periodic table. Which is easy for me.

Also english because I love writing.
Definitely art of any kind. It's an easy class, relatively, it's fun, and I actually enjoy doing it. My one complaint is that the teachers usually can't teach very well, though they are good artists in their own right. Oh, and we never learn how to paint- that would be amazing to know.
My favorite subjects have got to be math and computer science, but I really do love having much different classes thrown in between, just to keep a variety. I've always liked history, too (especially learning about ancient history).
Maths, 'cos it's easy.
My favorite subject was computer programming but I had a very bad teacher at High school and I continued to like it only when I was studying it alone, not in the school. At that time I preferred English classes and Philosophy, also because of good teachers who knew how to represent the subject and make you love it! Now I like math and I think its the most beautiful science, when you understand it, off course. Its very interesting and its amazing when you see how you can apply it on so many things in our lives!
1) PE - because its easy and I like sports.
2) Economics - because I like money and the class itself is easy because I concentrate. ( because I like money)
3) Drama - because there are hot girls in my class Very Happy
1. Electrotechnics, circuits and devices (I'm electrotechnician)
2. Physics (it's very interesting subject)
3. PE (because we have so great teacher)
When I was at school, I had a few favourite subjects. In my last two years, I did three computing subjects, much to the disgust of the principal. Razz I did Certificate II in Info Tech, which was a vocational/TAFE subject that you could sit a HSC exam in, and get a qualification. Plus I got to go to another town each week to do that subject, so that included a trip to Maccas. Very Happy

I also did software design and development and information processes and technology. I quite liked both of them. Mainly for bumming around in. Razz
i take psychology as my major and IT as my minor. but i can score my minor so easily. and that prove that i love my minor so much. especially courses with programming, multimedia, and designing.
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