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My ex

I don't understand why she's still keep coming back to my heart and mind. Just recently I invited her for a party and wishing she'll go. Luckily, she went to our house and because I am still in love with her, I asked her love again. But unfortunately, she is not ready for the relationship and I was left sad and lonely again..Too bad..
At least you still have your computer. She'll always love you.
vinx_18 computer is my one and only love
guess all you can do is givet it time.. and avoid her, dont' call and get together.. atleast not if you wanna get over her.. atleast give her space, dont go to her, she will come to you when she is ready..
buddy, if you've stopped being together it must have been for a good reason no? well a man must live to his decisions, even if his feelings go the opposite way. So now if you still are really in love, well ... I dunno if the girl still has feelings for you, but if it is the case, you've made it right by asking her again, and giving her time, but be prepared to much discussion, because if the girl was left alone once, she won't wanna have this to happen again... so she's gonn atry and make sure that she won't be deceived.. bttom line, if she still crushes on you, she will get bac to you, just be insisting and make sure you show her how much you mean it right this time
the reason she is doing this is because you are letting her to. Just say no
you have to be strong...she already broke up with you, and now she turned you down. Take a lesson from this. Don't humiliate yourself another time. She is over you. You have to face that. It will take some time, you will feel bad, but get over her. It's the only way...give her some space, it will be the best for both of you
you must calm down. give her a time.
try to take her out as a friend first .... after a couple of times, and you see the good situation, then you can talk to her as a lover.
Hi, maybe your mate is playing hard to get game. So you just wait and see. Patient maybe goood...
Forget her, dont be friends, dont see her. look for another girls. The relationship with her would be nothing.

Special advise from someone who blindly loved girl for 6 months after they broke up? :-/
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