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Ok, generally the title means Anime Music. I just mixed both together. =)

Well, Anime often have nice OP and ED and here, I would like to share some of my favourites! =) Ever watched Rumbling Hearts? I love the OP and ED, it's by Kuribayashi Minami who has quite a nice vocal. Not forgetting YUI who sung Rolling Star for Bleach! And UVERworld who sang Colors of The Hearts for Blood+ and D-Tecnolife for Bleach.

Alot of Gundam SEED songs are nice too, for example Invoke, Pride, etc. What's your favourite Animusic! Give a reply to this thread and let's share! =)
Pone by Rei Harakami off of the Boogiepop Phantom soundtrack is probably my favourite.. Funny thing is I don't think it was that predominant in the show... just used in a quick scene.

Also quite like the Noir and Macross Plus soundtracks really.
I love Eternal Snow from Fullmoon Wo Sagashite, Change the World from Inuyasha and the Ranma theme song(I completely forgot what it's called). Sadly, I don't know any of the composers/singers for the songs. Boo hoo!
I agree Change the World in Inuyasha is nice! It's by V6. There's more that I like to add to the list of nice Animusic. Chance! by UVERworld in the Bleach game for PSP is also really awesome!

Not to forget Tainaka Sachi who sung Kirameku Namida Wa Hoshi Ni for Fate/Stay Night! Disillusioned by her is also nice, though I'm not quite sure whether it's in any anime. ( But supposedly it's also in Fate/Stay Night ) Her vocal is amazing!

Snow Kiss by Nirgilis is also quite nice, and Innocent Sorrow by Abdingdon Boys. I've forgotten the anime sadly. I'm a big fan of Animusic, cause they are really nice! ( Though I don't understand them, but I often go and read the song's romaji and translations )
Animusic or Jpop is my favorite type of music or 2nd favorite. I have a few anime soundtracks. Cowboy Bebop and the Haibane Renmei soundtrack. For some odd reason The Real Folk Blues sort of made me get more into anime. It is one of my favorite all-time songs and the CB soundtrack has to be one of the bests. I want to get the Samuri Champloo soundtrack since I really like the ending song by Minmi. I think the name for it is Song for Four Seasons.
I like the theme song from Naruto and also the soundtrack of it.
The theme song, Fighting Dreamers is pretty cool and upbeat and everything. It's all around cool.

I also like they play when someone's like "determined and won't give up until the very end" that uses the flute and goes "Hoo" or something. Haha, I like that.
Lol @ SpellcasterDX. xD Funny description. "and goes "Hoo" or something." I think I only like 2 soundtracks from Naruto, which are the sad ones, Hokage Funeral and Sadness & Sorrow.

@Seiji aww, I haven't watch Samurai Champloo, but will be soon! =D Since you're saying the soundtrack is nice, I think I'll watch the show and see how it is. =D
I like the songs from Beck, especailly Moon on the Water, I've Got a Feeling, Slip Out, and My World Down. I also love the song from DN Angel called Byakuya ~True Light~. Full Metal Alchemist also had some awesome songs - Asian Kung Fu Generation - Rewrite, that Yellow Generation song, and... some others. xD I also loved Naruto's Haruka Kanata, GO!, and Wind. Yep yep, I love anime songs. xD
Yeah! I love Rewrite my AKG !

KESHTE!! Rewrite toshte!!! Kudara nai cho gensou ~~ !

Then I forget. Haha!
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