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Harry Potter layout images REQUIRED ($frih 1,000*!)

I need a new theme though I don't want to have to change the size or shape of my site so I only want to change the CSS (colours, images etc). For this I need someone to replace my current theme with images relating to the new Deathly Hallow Book Cover themes (UK Child Front Cover). I would like a UK Child version please.

My Site Currently

What's required?
Simply design a new theme by using the new covers. replace every CSS image with a new one and choose some new colours Smile
  • Banner ImageThe text "Sirius Black's" needs to be present
  • Footer Image - Preferably plain with something on the left as there is text in the middle and the right is occupied.
  • whole background image This provides the vertical lies, change the greeny colour to something more related
  • Top right image - Change the line colour again please and possibly the font
  • Navigation Bars - This has text which needs to be visible on!
  • New colour theme - discuss with me over IM? (check my profile for contact details)

Your link will be at the bottom of each page on the site. My domain has a pagerank of 5, and pages usually 2-4 so this is good for you!

That depends on if you do both or just one and time-scale. I'm likely to pay in parts though like 50% of the price when 50% of the work is done and the rest when its finished though again this is up for negotiation Smile
*$frih 1000 for both! More if done quickly and high standard!
I can make the theme only in mybb so if you want it in mybb I can easily make one for you
I don't need it coded. It's for my website not a forum (that's a different topic!). All I need someone to do is design it however they do it (like in photoshop for instance) and give me final large image design thing which I will then take and code up.
I'm up for the challenge Wink . I will post all of the images here when I am finished.

God bless,
I'll might be able to take a look at it this weekend.. kinda the last free weekend for me now until june.. got a new webdesign project yesterday.. huge order from a big client.. so guess I'll be bissi.. anyways.. I'll see if I can think of something cool.. needs to get my mind out of work anyways Smile
Thanks guys.

Just one extra point I'd like to add. I don't want anything from other designers. If I wanted it from somewhere else, I would ask there myself.().
Well you can do this but I don't want to have to put up their link and I won't pay you (as the rules state you can't sell free things)

Before I go on, just wanna check with you what you think about those styles.
hmmmmm, I'm afraid I'm going to be brutally honest.

Nav bar bits (I'm assuming that's what they are)
I see what you've done and it's cool, however they aren't all together like that so it will never be seen. This means the lower ones will just have a weird bit tot he left rather than something distinguishable.
I'm not keen on the yellow either, especially as its not anywhere else.

Footer (again, I'm making assumptions)
Different colours here. The red and green are ok but different to that yellow, as if they are for separate layouts.
The picture is Sirius looks rather stretched (I could be wrong though) and the dog/wolf on top looks both images look worse.

This is what someone elsewhere than Frihost has produced so far (It obviously still needs some work though) -
I'm looking for something more like that and my current designs.

Thanks very much for your efforts though, they are truly appreciated. Smile
ok, I got ur opinion, and ye I know it was 2 diferent styles.. I'll take another look at it then Smile
hmm i can help... so basically you just want the color tone changed to something else.... if you can state what color exactly... it will help .... the index2.php page shows brown ...

ill do it for you ...

oh and yea... do you want new images... or just the old ones...but with a different color.... like you said orange maybe ...
The overall tone should be changed but the images (specially the header, footer and nav bars) should have something new on them on, preferably related to the deathly hallows book cover (UK child version, with maybe red theme).

UPDATE: I already have a US version @
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