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Any DIABLO 2 LOD fans out there?

This is the game I plyed most, and finished over and over again.
I havent played it in a lonnnnnggg time but it was definitely one of my favorite all time games. moved onto wow since then however.
Next to wow I tihnk this game stole more years of my life than any other game.

Fantastic in it's day, and a pioneer in how hack n slash RPG's were done.

I did kill the game for myself by botting online though Sad Which is a shame, as I don't think I could ever go back to it now.
Kitten Kong
Diablo 2 and especially with LOD just simply rocks. Me and my friends spent days straight playing that game and loving every minute of it. I think its the final step before Blizzard took the art of grinding to the extreme in WOW
few years before I will say: "this is a awesome game, the 1.11 Patch make it much more wonderful."

But now, I have to say... I really don't wanna touch this game again.
I think is a great game with a lot of replayability value, even for the more experimented users, the ladders season put an extra effort to complete it. And help to form a comunnity with friends or teammates without having specific ways of group management.
i am a big fan of diablo 2 lord of destrucion!!
i played assasin for 12 times.. still thinking that i can improved my skill in diablo 2 lod for he assasin!!
hope to see lo of asasin fans around here!!
(hate necromencer... too scary.. too much bonny undead)
diablo 2 lord of destruction is such an awesome game. I have never played an action rpg that has compared to it. The fightning in the this game is so simple but sooooo good. i think the only rpg i have ever played that tops d2lod is TOURMENT but the fightning in it wasn't that great. I have never been able to play another rpg since diablo 2 because the fightning is never up to par to d2's
i hear about a new diablo comming out soon =D this makes me happy if it really dose happen! diablo is absolutly amazing!
yeah, Blizzard should give us something new now...
heck yes, I dont see how anybody couldnt be a Diablo II fan.
vaoger wrote:
i am a big fan of diablo 2 lord of destrucion!!
i played assasin for 12 times.. still thinking that i can improved my skill in diablo 2 lod for he assasin!!
hope to see lo of asasin fans around here!!
(hate necromencer... too scary.. too much bonny undead)

Yeah i like the assassin too Very Happy , i would like to create a new one, to shape it in a new form, i would try to do it fighting with the use of the finishing blows, instead of trap user.
Diablo II was a great game indeed. My cusion got me started on it and I turned to like it so I bought the expansion pack. My favorite class was the Necromancer. I've played this game for a while and then started to play World of Warcraft.
I used to play Diablo 2 ... i made a full-maxed paladin with the best items and i stopped playing and get my account burglered cause i `ve already given my pass to someone who doesn`t deserve it ... :@:@:@
My English is not so great but I hope that most of you will forgive mistakes.
I really like D2LOD.It was a great game.I have played it with assassin, barbarian and amazon.I think I have played it for about two years and it was very addictive.I haven't played it from 2003, and several months ago I bought TITAN QUEST and his exp. IMMORTAL THRONE.
This is D's clone but it's great clone.After you patch the game of course.
I assume that most D fans have heard for TQ and played.I would like to see some opinions for this two games, and some comparison.

Thanks everyone
I've played it very often with my brother via LAN but I've never been playing it in the
GREAT game. Still play it today. It is a very fun way to spend your free time, testing out new armor and weapon combinations, while fideling with your strategy to make that perfect Smiter, or Fireball Sorceress. There is really NO alternative to this game that compares, other than WoW, which I didn't bother buying because you have to pay to play it every month.
Paladin get improve his "Zeal" skill in the version 1.11, interesting to try.
Jakob [JaWGames]
Diablo II is indeed a great game! You can play through it again and again without that it becomes boring even though it is quite hard to manage to get through "hell".
Fire Boar
Great game...

Necro - Hundreds of skellingtons FTW! That coupled with cursing your enemies with the oh-so-effective "amplify damage" makes for an unstoppable force of winningness.

Assassin - So darn fast! Sprinting across maps in just a few seconds (great for avoiding PvP when levelling among other things).

Amazon - Quite possibly my favourite, thanks to that awesome arrow that explodes into a cloud of poison on hit.

Sorceress - Frozen Orb = best spell ever. And we all love the firewall spell too, right? It's the fastest boss-killing combo I've ever seen.

Barbarian, Paladin and Druid I don't play so often, so I wouldn't really know.
i THINk that one really was great, especially since it made me always looking for better gear to put on my character, still is good to play.
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