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Do you have a laptop computer?

Do you have a laptop computer?
 70%  [ 24 ]
 29%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 34

Do you have a laptop computer?
Yes. Sorta shared with my brother though. Still think desktops are a lot better.

And I agree, desktops are better. Smile
They're not better if you have a decent laptop. I have an HP Pavilion dv9000, 2gb of ram, 200 disk space. Way better than my other 'decent' desktop which has 1gb of ram and 200gb of space. I know ram and disc space shouldn't be the only things to look at, but they do make a huge difference.
Well..... I don't have all that much money to spend on computers. Very Happy

My desktop is a few years old, 1 gb of RAM (upgraded from 512mb), 64mb graphics card, and about 140gb of hard disk space (upgraded from 80)
Sure do, an HP Pavilion zd8000. Great piece of hardware, have never had problems with it. I don't use it as much anymore now that I built my custom desktop, but still very handy when traveling.
Nope and I'm happy without it. Very Happy
don't have a laptop. but definately would like one!!!
electricity are through the roof with three desktops in my house.
I have a Laptop that I use for the main purpose of mobility. I love it!
Gagnar The Unruly
No laptop here. I've got a custom desktop that I like a lot and is much more powerful than my gf's cheapo Dell 14" laptop, but I still get jealous sometimes that hers is portable!
I've got four, and hope my next one comes some time soon. (Still saving up my pennies). Three of the laptops are really old and weak, incapable of doing much other that basic word processing, email, and web browsing with Windows 95 and 98 installed. I still find laptops quite useful because I'm almost always in need of a computer, thus these are put to use on the go. Otherwise, I find my desktops better for most things since the laptops lack the raw power I need. My next one is planned on being more powerful that my main desktop with a Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a 100 GB HDD, nVidia Geforce 7600 Go GPU, a 15.4" 1650x1050 display, and other specs that blow my desktop.
Dell Latitude X300.

Laptops and Desktops both have their own advantages. I can't have quad-monitors with my laptop, or even game for that matter, but I do with my desktop. At the same time, I can't lug my huge desktop and LCDs everywhere, so I need the laptop for portability.
psycosquirrel wrote:
Laptops and Desktops both have their own advantages. I can't have quad-monitors with my laptop, or even game for that matter, but I do with my desktop. At the same time, I can't lug my huge desktop and LCDs everywhere, so I need the laptop for portability.

What psycosquirrel said...
Dell Inspiron E1505 (C2D 1.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, ATI X1400)

I have a high powered desktop for games, video encoding, program compiling and large storage size (1.5TB in a few months). I also have a laptop because it is extremely convenient to be able to have my stuff with me on the fly. My laptop is actually in some regards better then my desktop at certain things since it is newer (C2D with 2GB of RAM vs. Opteron148 1GB RAM on the desktop). So I can play some games on my laptop but for the most part I use it to manage my website and write articles and notes on the fly. Plus laptops are getting so inexpensive these days...why wouldn't you get one...I have almost considered just using my laptop with a docking station at home and keeping my desktop as strictly a file server because it does everything my desktop does and then some...
I've got three, all free too Very Happy Two were originally 'broken' when I got them from the IT department where my mom used to work, and one I got from my aunt. The first two were Toshiba Sattelite 4080XCDT's, one which now has a failed hard drive after using it to run an IRC bot 24/7 (and some other stuff) and one which I've started using right after that one died. The one I got from my aunt originally costed US$3000, which is now worth about a penny, running Windows 3.1 with a dead battery. Rather interesting how big laptops were back in the 1980s. Also included a dot matrix printer, printing at two pages per minute Very Happy
I have a used IBM T20 that I bought in Internet.
Yes Laptops are geat for people that travel and need to have it mobile.

But if you do not need that regularly then it is not wise to get one. Laptops cost more, are more fragile, have smaller hard drives, usually not as good as a video card, smaller screen, not as crisp of a screen, and can not be updated or repaired as easily.
I have an ibook and wouldn't trade it for anything. I like the freedom of wireless and a 5 hour battery. I travel between home and office alot so this is good for me.
Got a Dell Inspiron 9300 bought in October 2005.

1.73 Gig Pentium M Centrino
1 Gig RAM
60 Gig HD
17" screen

Wish it had a higher capacity hard disk Neutral

It has obviously got Wi-Fi, and my batter lasts upto 5 hours.. Bit on the heavier side, but I use it to watch movies, so it is pretty good trade off I got to say!
My school made me pay for one that they selected for me Mad
Yes I have a laptop. I use it to game.

Intel Duo Core
Ati Radeon X1600 256MB

I use the laptop to game because it has better graphics then my desktop. But i still use my desktop to do "office jobs" and to surf over the internet ...
The desktop is more comfortable to work with.
Yes, well my dad does..

Core Duo Processor - 1.66ghz
2gigs of DDR2 533 ram
120gig sata harddrive
15.4" wide screen
x1400 graphics card
I don't but i plan on buying one:
HP Pavilion dv9000t
It seems a good deal to me...
Yes I have a bunch of laptops. My new one was from Walmart - $398 for an Everex NC1500 which uses the VIA C7 chip. Its not super powerful but it only uses about 15 watts of power. Smile

I like laptops because of their "fuel efficiency"!
Manus et Therion
Laptops are "fuel efficient?" I had no idea. I have Dell Inspiron 9400. The battery lasts a couple of hours, but I wouldn't call that fuel efficient.

3.2 Ghz AMD Anthlon
2.4 DDR
8600 GeForce
Broken SCreen - 18" -

I got a preety decent Labtop Im tryin to get a new Screen for it, its cracked dew to a drunken me stepping on it and damaging ;( so if i could get a site to replace screens would be very helpfull
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