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Blades of Glory

I saw it, I thought it was funny... but I have no idea if they gay community (or the skating community) found it offensive.

Any body have an opinion either way?
The Movie had plenty of funny moments. Classic Will Ferrell. Except for some girl with an obnoxious laugh going hysterical every time Will Ferrell Shows up on the screen. I don't think anyone in there right mind would be offended by this Comedy.
I didn't realize it was out yet. I'm gonna have to go see it soon. It looks really good, haha.
Good movie! I found it very funny. I was worried it would be a boring ice skating movie where all they did was skate but the comedy in it kept it light and very good to watch. I would recomend it to anyone needing a good laugh.
It wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life, but it gave me a few big laughs. Good to see John Heder doing something other than a Napoleon Dynamite-cloned role.
I heard it did really well in the theatres.
I wasn't expecting much but it had so many funny parts, I was laughing most of the time. Really surprised me how funny it was.
snowboardalliance wrote:
I wasn't expecting much but it had so many funny parts, I was laughing most of the time. Really surprised me how funny it was.

That was pretty much just how I went in. XD
zanzou wrote:
snowboardalliance wrote:
I wasn't expecting much but it had so many funny parts, I was laughing most of the time. Really surprised me how funny it was.

That was pretty much just how I went in. XD

Yeah I think it's because the trailer's didn't really do it justice.
Went to it expecting Talegeda Night on Ice, thankfully it wasn't.

One of the few movies recently that I've laughed hard enough to have tears running down my face and the girls I was with cringing with embaressment Smile

Reccomending this to anyone with time spare, is worth watching.

And "I'll get INSIDE your face" is one of the best lines in a movie this year :p
can i just say stupid omfg this movie sucked big time will is horrible and so is that other guy. why did they even make this movie. i'm sure they could have come up with a better movie.
I'm sorry "I'm a sex addict" was just too funny, I swear most of the movie was decent but not that great
An amazing movie. Much funnier than Scary Movie 4, and that was one of the most funniest movies I've ever seen, well before I saw Blades of Glory, of course. It had a funny part in almost every scene, some subtle but others make you laugh so hard your cheeks start to hurt. I didn't really want to see this movie, but a friend dragged me, and I'm so glad he did. I want to buy it on DVD, but I'm scared it might not be as good, because comedies are usually less funny when you see it the second time.

On another note, does anybody know a movie that's more funnier than this one? Please share, because I'd like to watch it.
I havent seen it yet, probably because the theatre here is so small and don't show all movies Sad But I will see it as soon as we buy it. The trailer were pretty great, and I don't think it will be one of my top five funniest movies, my list is pretty hard to reach, but most movies is just great themselves, like a night at the museum, pretty great movie, but there was a lot of boring parts. This will probably have some boring parts to where I wish they would do something, I think that it will be a movie worth watching, look forward to it Smile
I loved it! My bisexual friend wasn't offended at all by it.
Lol it was a great movie! up. And I never thought it actually would. I'm bisexual, I wasn't offended. I don't think anyone really should be, it's just a little humor.
I saw it yesterday, and I really thought it was a good movie.

I dont know if the skating community found it offencive... but Id actually be a little supriced if they did. After all its just a commedy Smile
I haven't seen it yet, but it looks hilarious, I absolutely love Jon Heder and Will Ferrell so I'm sure I'll like this movie even though I'm not big on figure skating. Anywhos, most of you seemed to give it good reviews.
Blades Of Glory is a kind of funny movie, but not that funny.. I ve really seen better funny movies. It kinda lacks originality and real humor.
This movie is not worth seeing twice, but it was funny, and I laughed quite a bit :)
As expected from usual Will Ferrell fare, Blades of Glory is a comedy that rarely takes itself seriously and only wants to make us laugh by bombarding us with obscure jokes about sex and puke. Therefore, I rate films like this on a scale from awkward silence to obnoxious laughter.

This being said, Blades of Glory is a funny film, but still does not achieve Grade A status. Will Ferrell is a master and spouting off random nuggets of perversion, and he does so numerous times as a sex-addicted skater. However, the problem lies within the predictability of the script. As evidenced by the promotions, there are jokes about the homosexual tension between two men skating together.

The repetitious nature of jokes does prevent Glory from really reaching my funny bone. However, props still go to the jokes that are effective and the actors who carry them out. Real-life spouses Arnett and Poehler could have had more screen time, but the duo still delivers some of the film's more clever gags. This includes a John F. Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe skating performance involving a bottle of pills as a prop. Luke Wilson even pops in with a deadpan, yet likable cameo as a Sexaholic Anonymous group leader. As for Jon Heder, what can I say? His flamboyance does manage to muster a few snickers, but I still fail to see comic talent in this guy. He still looks, acts, and sounds exactly like Napoleon Dynamite, and I think there are plenty of comical actors who would have been more effective in this role. I never thought I would say this, but bring in Chris Kattan!

Blades of Glory really does come through and it in no way discredits Will Ferrell for his talent. However, it still suffers from establishing a solid gag and riding it all the way to the closing credits. In this case, that gag is homophobia. I do give this film the green light because laughter is the best medicine, and they are definitely spurts of it scattered here and there. Just do not expect a masterpiece.
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