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This is my new portfolio I hope you enjoy the artwork I published on it.
I was immediately impressed by your site, but have a few reservations. I have a couple suggestions to make it even better.

1. First, your artwork is excellent. I love the look of the site. The designer in me is very happy. However, the usability side of me is a little sad. One reason is that when you click on a portfolio example, it opens in the same page--which is neat, but what isn't neat is that the "close" function isn't in english on the english site and it also doesn't work in several of the web examples. I was a little afraid in some of the examples that I wouldn't be able to get out. Another example is the sideways scroll. I couldn't figure it out until I remembered a website that did this on Web Pages That Suck. Not exactly a good comparison. I think you may be able to get away with it since yours is a design site, but for much better usability (as you advertise) I would break it up into separate pages and make each one fit the screen without sideways scrolling. Not everyone has a sideways scrolling mouse.

2. Spellcheck. I would read through all your text again and get a friend to also to catch spelling and grammar mistakes such as "ewake" or untranslated words such as "i" instead of "and" that make the site confusing.

That's it! I think that you have a great website here, but may want to think through a couple of things before going live with it. Good luck on finding a new job!
Thanks for the comments,

Can you tell me which browser you use ? (browser/operating system)
Because i havn't experienced any problems with scrolling/ operating the lightbox myself.

I'm glad that most mistakes are resulting from my translation. (to be honest I did it very fast and havn't checked the texts and button labels).

The other thing is that through this horizontal layout I achieved something that seems attractive in a way to me. Like a connection of website and printed document, maybe I'll search for some other solution, perhaps it's possible to use js for scrolling. Although your comparison to sites presented at WPTS makes me think there is still something to be done.

thank's for your supprt !
Very nice work! I was browsing your portfolio and was very impressed by your work Smile

Also, interesting horizontal layout, you don't see much variation like that, I'm glad you were able to make it work successfully.

Great work overall Smile
well done. good work. but d "header image" was little bit blur. I reckon u should use better image or higher quality image.
Can you tell me which image seems blurry to you ? Is it the part featuring my face on the first page ? Maybe it's high time for me to visit the optometrist. Thank you for your support!
i'm going to do something I rarely would recommend for your site.

Since you have put the hard work into making it a side scrolling thing, force the content to appear in a box no greater than the size of one of your content panels.

Either a pop-up window, or use CSS to limit the size of your content.

On my 1440x900 monitor, i see nearly 3 full panels at the same time, making it really hard to navigate (or focus on one particular panel).

As to the content .. WOW... am impressed.
Wow...I've never seen a site with that kind of layout its great. I love it. Your art work is very nice and the whole look of the page is very clean.

The only problem was the first thing I saw was the Content but I didnt know what it was about because the word "Content" was almost the same color as the background so it was hard to read it but I figured it out. Very good and once again love the layout!
Yeah i was a bit afraid to use these colors. Also it was also a hard decision to make it horizontal. I decided to use it this way because I though that it's only purpose is to present my design work and that's why i don't have to apply the rules of usability so strictly.
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