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In the middle of a screenplay...

...and I've lost my inspiration.

I should probably shut up and get back to work, but let me tell you the story while I'm here.

People who know me know that I basically work by writing scripts. It's fun, but they usually only get produced into C-level video games that never get produced, so it's not an easy way to live. When I got the opportunity to create a short film, I avidly accepted. The idea for the short film was to recreate a short story. I pitched the idea for "The Tell-Tale Heart," and they liked all the ideas I brought with it. Next thing I knew, I was on my Mac with a new screenplay template I downloaded, and I found myself getting busy. And, oh, did I write. I wrote better than I thought I could. When I brought my first draft to them, I never saw so many jaws agape, and never heard so many "awesomes" at anything I read aloud.

That's when it all fell down on me. They decided that I was to play the lead role. Now, I'm not much of an actor. The role doesn't call for much acting aside from keeping calm and freaking out, and narrating. That's when I found myself writing not for some random role, but for me. It was a strange experience to say the least.

After that, the other writer pitched his script, filling in a lot of the holes my script had. So, now we had to merge them together. Fitting these two together is not an easy task. One, I have to add more detail to the parts he wrote, the parts I didn't envision. I basically have to make it up on the spot. This is what's killing me. There are several ideas that oppose mine. Now, I have to finish this by the end of the day, my co-writer is nowhere to be found, and I don't know what the hell to write about. I'm sunk, since, when I was writing this, I could have finished.

That's my story, questions, comments?
My recommendation is to just go with what you like or prefer, if the co-writer's not there when he should be, he is forfeiting his influence. Just get started and don't delete anything. Promise that you'll come back to edit it, but don't delete anything. Then, even if you don't have time to edit it, you have something. Finally, don't worry so much about writing for yourself. As a writer myself, I often worry that without the inflection and tone that I imagine, my writing will be interpreted differently than I intended it to be. It is when you control all levels of the creative production that you have an opportunity to create something truly incredible. Happy writing - Roughit
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