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Web Mystery Murder... Game...

[CENTER]BREAKING NEWS... Edited Press Release[/CENTER]

He sat anxiously within the dilapidated building; sweat pouring profusely from his brow. His trigger finger tingled anxiously, with seemingly erratic convulsions. He had planed everything out to the minutest detail; exactly when and where. With the precision of a fine tuned Swiss watch, he fired the fatal shot. The cough of three distinct rounds sped from the rifle toward Arcadia Governor Christopher Anderson Drake, affectionately known to Arcadians as CAD. Immediately, the target’s head went back and to the left. Pandemonium and Chaos ensued as spectators fled the scene. Immediately, secret service agents spread across the scene searching for the perpetrator. Jack “Red” Herring would be caught fleeing from the top of a nearby tower, and immediately arrested for the assassination. Two days before his trial, Red would be killed by a member of the Corsican Mafia.

This at least would be the official occurrence of events, as decided by the Betancourt Commission. However, the facts never truly added up, but the government would label all other theories to be bogus conspiracy theories created by men with overactive imaginations and paranoia. The problem is that many of the spectators claimed to hear the gunshots from directions other than the tower identified by the Betancourt Commission. Unfortunately, the actually documentation proving anything has be sequester by the government. This has always led the suspicion that they may have had a hand in this. The Betancourt Commission released a list of four official suspects. Besides Red, they considered the Corsican Mafia, the “Silver Specter”, and the Deputy Governor Ivan Rolonskivich. The Corsican Mafia had always been suspected in helping get the Governor elected, so the notion of there involvement almost seemed assumed. The “Silver Specter,” aka James McDermott, was a former A-list actor, who had worked with the Governor in numerous occasions before the Governor left Hollywood to pursue politics. James always had a certain flare for the theatrics and had been suffering from severe mental health issues due to being type-casted as the “Silver Specter,” a job CAD helped him land. After fifteen years of playing the flamboyant hero, James sought to act in movies, but he could never shake off his breakthrough role. Rolonskivich was a former Russian immigrant who had left Russia during the cold war. He was rumored to have many contacts within the KGB, but nothing could ever be proved. Therefore, I’m asking ever one of you to carry out your duty to our great state. We must find the true perpetrator. Thanks to the generous backings of Mrs. Drake, the deceased wife, we will be able to supply the detective who finally brings this traitor to justice with a reward consisting of a $100.00 Gamestop giftcard, MyArcadePlanet.Com Swag, and an official award commemorating your great service to our State. We will need many willing detectives to help solve this heinous act. Please add you name below if you would like to enlist in the hunt…
Patriot Players
Interesting, will have a look.
Yup, prizes are always nice...
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