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What is your favourite home made beauty mask?

My favourite home made beauty mask is honey and milk.
it soothes perfect my skin and it shines.
tell me yours.
best wishes
Would you believe guacamole?

Well, not really QUITE guacamole, but mashed avocado and a little lemon juice moisturizes and exfoliates. Just lie back with cucumber slices over your eyes, listen to people run out of the room screaming when they get startled by your gooey green face, and hope they don't tiptoe back with a camera.

Yes, that happened to me, and no, I won't post the picture! Laughing
^Mmmm, me too! Avacado masks work wonders. Honey and milk aren't bad either. Smile

My skin usually behaves, so I rarely use masks, but if something special is coming up, I'll use a mask a couple days in advance. Smile
Olive oil is the best solution for any type of skin.

Useit on new and old wrinkles and on your body, you will notive the difference after a couple of weeks.

mahoula wrote:
My favourite home made beauty mask is honey and milk.
it soothes perfect my skin and it shines.
tell me yours.
best wishes

It may sound extremely weird but cat litter (not used of course), is very good at extracting blackheads when it is turned into a paste with water. Wear it as a mask, wait till its dried, and wipe off = Flawless skin
Are you sure about the cat litter? I know that if it's fresh, it's pretty clean, but the psychological connotations- you know? I've never actually used one of those masks, but I was just curious as to what they do. Now, I know that they have to do something for the skin, but how?
I really like the cucumber-mask. With this mask I can realax and enjoy the nice smell of this mask-mixure.

The following prescription strengthens: Mix two spoons cucumber juice with a half yogurt and something wheat strength to a soft cream. You carry thickly in the face on (eyes and nose leave free for sure Wink ). Let the cucumber mask dry completely. You can use the break, around itself to realaxing.
aspirin mask and honey mask...this aspirin mask is mixed with pure vitamin e oil...i have seen wonders skin brighten day by day...from what i have read vitamin e oil is great in healing scars, whitening and even tone skin color. for the honey mask , i use pure organic honey...for moisturizing effect and rejuvenate my face from the sun rays effect.
Hmm...I've tried few home made face mask, but my favorites so far were oatmeal and yogurt. They both did great job at gently exfoliating old skin from my face, and it did make my skin a lot brighter/cleaner looking after washing them off.
soory idont put anything else my faced...only soap...
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