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Have you tried to study online?

Have you tried to study online a foreign language?
Is it easy or not?
I am interested in learning german.
Suggestions are welcomed.
best wishes
I haven't even tried learning a language online, but I just though I'd comment on the fact that German is a hard language to learn. Lol, my brother took it in college and he said it was pretty hard.

It'd probably be a good thing to start learning it online though, I'd imagine it could be easier.

It depends on if your saying is it easy to learn German online or is it easy to learn online.
I think it's much easier having someone there who knows the language... Like an actual German teacher. Smile

The thing is there's usually quite a few different ways to say something, as well as different dialects... So you could be learning completely wrong, and then if you decided to take a class... You wasted a bunch of time learning wrong stuff, and instead of being ahead, you're behind because it's hard to break habits of something you've already learned.

Other things you could probably learn online, though no information on the internet is promised to be accurate... A lot of it is not. But I wouldn't recommend learning a language by just google searching! Razz

If you had an online teacher... or an online class, that might be different.

But my opinion is it's easier being there to learn it, and being able to ask your teacher questions.

There is a lot indeed to German, and I'd imagine learning it online would be difficult.

Ich spreche wenig Deutsch! Ich hoffe dich haben ein gut zeit!

(I know, the second part of that sentence is a tad... incorrect, but I'm sure german readers would get the idea)
In my opinion, studying online especially language will be very difficult as it's better ( for me ) to be surrounded by people who speaks the language that we want to learn. Some difficulties in learning language online, most probably with the communication themselves, more over if the internet connection is not satisfying ( from both parties ) then it will be quite impossible to communicate well. Practicing and learn from the other will be very important as well when we want to improve language skill. The accent, intonation and the way to speak as well will depend on listening to the people a lot. But, if the above difficulties can be solved, then go for it Smile
In my opinion, i think it's pretty hard to study online especially you are learning language. To learn language, you need to keep practicing with your friend or with your teacher so that you can improve your oral skills. It's really tough to earn any skills when you are learning without people's interaction. You will learn better in this way.
I have a hard time studying anything online. Reading something that isn't extremely interesting to me on a computer screen gets tiresome very fast. Not only that, there are so many other distractions that are easily available online. IMO, if you have the dedication to be able to study online then go for it, but it would never work for me.
mahoula wrote:
Have you tried to study online a foreign language?
Is it easy or not?
I am interested in learning german.
Suggestions are welcomed.
best wishes

Just google it.

I have learned a little here and there. Learning is easy no matter what it is. You only have to repeat the drills as much as you can.

Kinda like playing a video game. You most likely will suck at it when you first start. But when you have played it for a longer period of time, you increase your skill.

So just keep at it. That is the most important thing.
to many distractions!
Although the Internet is a good resource when learning language is concerned. But that, especially for languages, cannot replace in-person instructions. Because language, unlike other things, need to be spoken and listened to, and even if there are audio files, they are in no ways enough to study a language. In my case, I did look up a bit of vocab and grammar information for Japanese before I got formal instructions on it. And while I did learn from the Internet, I soon found it to be insufficient, because nothing is better than a native speaker of the language talking to you and telling you the minor differences that the web fails to mention. (Well, aside from living in the country that speaks that language of course).
mahoula wrote:
Have you tried to study online a foreign language?
Is it easy or not?
I am interested in learning german.
Suggestions are welcomed.
best wishes

actually I learn language offline but Internet is just extra help for me in learning languages.
about german I can suggest this site
that german one is pretty helpfull.
Thanks!!! Do you know any for spanish? hahah
I've tried Danish, but it is very hard because of the pronounciation. The sentences I had to speak were realy tough
I prefer to learn by books
as when I am on net
I'd play games or others
studying online is distracting i would say. I mean, it's a good utility for the internet to be there; but how much focus is on the internet rag mags, news, games, ect than the work that you're supposed to study for? I learned the hard way; best to turn the computer off and do you work than have it on. But then again, i'm hypocritical. I always have it on hahah.
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