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collect magazines

hi to everybody
i am sending this to share with you the passion i have for collecting little cowboy. i have collected about 200 magazines in 4 years and i continue.
if you would like send me your passion.
best wishes
I collect different types of magazine. For some reason though, I end up collecting but I don't get to read them all. LOL

Weird. Smile
I've bought "Scootering" magazine since it first came out in 1985 (it's monthly, now with 220+ copies)...trouble is, when it began it was purely for classic scooters, but now has those awful plastic modern things in aswell, so I only end up reading a third of it anyway.
Question is, do I stop buying it because of this & bring to an end a complete collection?
I don't really go out of my way to collect magazines, but I don't throw them away when I'm done. Right now I only subscribe to Motor Trend and Nintendo Power.
I'm a subscriber to a videogame magazine called Power Unlimited... they bring out a new magazine every monyh, and I've been a member since 3 years... you do the math Smile

And occasionally I buy a random magazine about health, weightlifting, videogames (again) or guitars.
I read and collect magazines. Mainly men's and PC magazines, but I do get others as well.
i have a subscription to one magazine and monthly buy another one too
though now and then i do buy something else too when my train is again delayed and i already finished my magazine
right now i have get every 2 months a magazine bout fantasy, named Elf Fantasy (certain the people in the netherlands will know that one)
the other monthly one is named Kijk (look if ya would translate that in english)yes, i'm dutch so i do read dutch magazines Very Happy
Kijk is bout science but not with all those difficult words and explanations but more like science for normal peeps
i really love that one, they write bout lots of topics like the planets and theories bout time and all
but it's all writen in such a way ya actually get what it's all about
the only other thing i sometimes buy is either Quest or Eos
but are also bout science but Eos is a bit more dif then Kijk and Quest is bit like the Kijk but actually less scientific
guess i'm really interested in science and fantasy
i used to have another magazine too, named x-files or something like that
can ya guess what it was about?
and it wasn't that tv-show
but unfortunally they stopped publishing it a couple of years ago
Studio Madcrow
I don't collecvt any magazine, but there are a few... The British mag Retro Gamer is one that I get every month (and keep). I also have a complete set of National Geographics going back to the early 60s... It's really interesteing to see how different things were long ago...
I don't really collect magazines... or get them really...

The only thing close I get is a Musicians Friend catalog in the mail. Smile

I.... collect pennies though.... Rolling Eyes
I used to buy a lot of Computer Arts magazines.

It's turned into a nice little collection.

I don't really intentionally collect things though.
hi, i used to collect magazines for few years
I can't really say that i am collecting magazines but at least from time to time, I am buying one..and I am fond of buying cosmopolitan and candy magazines because its all about us, girls! Very Happy
Recently I have realized that most of my magazines are computer related mags. My gawd, I guess I really am turning into a geek! LOL. Not that there's anything wrong with that mind. It's just not so long ago I know I used to buy girl magazines. XDDD
I collect mostly scientific 'zines or the ones about dogs. My dream is to find enough free time (so far I can only DREAM about it, alas), to make up a listing of my favourite articles and where to find them. I so love biochemistry, nuclear physics, geophysics and medicine articles. :3
I don't actively collect magazines, but when I get them (which I do), I don't throw them out- I keep them. Not for sentimentality alone (because I'm OCD that way), but because who knows, maybe a couple of months later, I'll be thinking about ethanol, and I'll think "gee, I wonder where I can get a factual reference," and then *poof,* I'll look to my magazine stack.
I dont really collect magazines like I used to back in the days but I do shoot for about 5 magazines down here and they usually give me copies of the latest magazines that have my pics published. Other than that though I would buy fashion magazine so I can have reference materials for my upcoming shoots.
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