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Alcohol report front page

I made this front page for our chemistry report on alcohol.. I think the idea of making a cross with a conic flask and a cocktail glass and with the same looking liquid in them was a pretty good one hehe
what do you guys think?

it is so clear and comfortable to the eye specially to the Doctor Wink

but i think if you put the degrees of the volume on the flask.. it'll become

concerned to the report ...

but it's so nice ..

Good luck .. and Good degree for you Smile
thank you for the positive comment Smile and well yea i guess it could look a bit more like a conic flask but still i wanted to keep it as clean and simple, and as much looking like the cokctail glass as possible Wink
wow, I like that. It looks very cool and... clear. Mind I ask, how did you do that?
Well I made it in 3d studio max..
I modelled the conic flask and the cocktail glass and cut out the liquid from two boxes. Then I set them up on a scene with a white plane as background, and made some glass and red liquid material which I attached to the objects.. Finally I rendered the scene with Vray, and there it is Wink
Stylish, and really nice. Cool
I love the idea, and you created it well.
Have you used Vray materials or created glass material by yourself? It's good looking one!
By the way, what about drink material too? Twisted Evil
thank you both..
and Alie I made the glass and the liquid material my self.. and rendered in Vray..
Great material! Can you post settings here? Plz! Plz! Plz! Razz
By the way, can you render something simple with this material using default renderer? Just want tolook at it.
Okay here are the Vray material settings for the glass:

and here is the Vray material settings for the liquid:

And as you can see these are vray materials, and they have their own sort of settings, only available when rendering with vray renderer.. therefore if I switch to the basic scanline renderer, it can't read the vray materials and therefore just renders a black background.
But I can assure you that rendering glass and basicly every kind of material with basic renderer is going to look crappy, and for that reason I'm always using the Vray renderer Wink
And to backup my point is here an example of that.. The first image are the canon rendered with basic scanline renderer without any materials attached, and the second image is the canon with vray materials attached and rendered with Vray renderer:

Oh! I see... Sad I thought already that you found out how to create glass material for basic renderer with basic default materials of 3ds max.
Yeah, I know that VRay or Mental Ray materials would be unseen in default scanline renderer...
Ok! Doesn.t really matter, I'll try your way for sure! Thank you!
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