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Happy All Fools Day!!!

So, we rolled slowly to April 1st known as All Fools Day.
That day is famous by tricks that anyone can make on anyone and jokes which are told everywhere=)
Whom did you trick on? Who tricked you?
It's one of my favouritest holidays in the year. I don't know where is it celebrated, but I think, all around the world, because I found some words about this holiday in our English textbook.
This year I was calm and didn't trick on anyone. And you? Very Happy
*gosh... I'm becoming holidays reporter on Frihost Laughing *
Hm, the day just started over here and I'm afraid. I'm going to a metalconcert of one of my favorite bands tody (Ensiferum) - hope it's not gonna be a joke haha! Just imagine, spending 1,5 hours to get there, only to find out we've been april fooled.

I already fooled my mum and a friend of mine - more to come. Smile
I'm just loving it...
Google fooled many people announcing they started new broadband service=))
More info here
or here
Heh, I love this day. It's quite funny to see other people play pranks, and it's even more fun to play the pranks. Twisted Evil I play a lot of pranks that scare the life out of many. This year I didn't, but in previous years, I also used to post many online. Very Happy As for people playing pranks on me, never works. They try, but I'm always aware that they are attempting to trick me; as I don't have aphrilophobia
haha check out they played a great april fools day joke. I just love april fools day.
I just remembered April Fools day awhile ago. I fooled my brother, but that's it. My mom was asking me to think of a joke she could use to fool some of her co-workers since they had already fooled her, Razz
April Fools day to all too... lol
I got fooled by my friends today. man that suxs Embarassed but w/e. I'll get them next year Very Happy
Happy day three of April fools!

What good fools have u made so far?

I told my girlfriend I was seeing someone else, not such a good idea.

yeah, rethink that

Though I was rather disappointed when Google isn't actually giving out free routers...
hofodomo01 wrote:
Though I was rather disappointed when Google isn't actually giving out free routers...

That wasn't part of the must mean internet Razz
kevin briggs
First day of April, named for the custom of playing practical jokes on that date. Though it has been observed for centuries in several countries, including France and Britain, its origin is unknown. It resembles the Hilaria festival of ancient Rome (March 25) and the Holi festival of India (ending March 31). The custom of playing April Fools' jokes was brought to America by the British.
Meh, I think April Fools is lame. Didn't try to fool anyone, no one tried to fool me. I guess Im just not big on it. Sometimes the fake news articles are funny though. There was one on a local site about an 80 year old grandmother who had been signed to a major record label as a rapper called Haf Def Laughing
the best way to fool people might be "talk the truth all day", and you will get fantastic result from your friend, and your husband/wife
April Fools day is long over now. Look forward to next year Very Happy
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