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what will i do if i want my files to be in the frihost.

im using dreamweaver 8, and i used the tutorial which was the cafe townsend, what will i upload to the frihost in order i can view/use it on frihost, do i have to change any setting in Dreamweaver i already have local,remote folders in my computer.
You need to use an ftp client to upload all of the files that you created to your public_html directory on the server. Make sure that your main page is named index.html and is in the main directory not in a sub folder. It will over write the index.html file that is already there. The server is case sensitive so use all lower case letters. Dreamweaver 8 has ftp capibilities but I would recomend the fire ftp extension for firefox.

There are many posts about this in the forum. Just do a search if you need more information.
what i did, was i created a .gz file in the local folder not the remote folder and upload it to the frihost using direct admin upload then i extract it in my public_html folder. but when i try to view my send.php which was connected to the mysql frihost it has an error when i process it what is wrong? here is the one that i post with an error maybe this maybe the result of not uploading using ftp
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