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Feed the hungry

India is a country of rich contrasts; it is a country of have-nots and those who have in plenty.
But I am saddened to see lack of human values and generosity amongst the rich who flaunt their wealth in restaurants by spending huge amounts on dining,wining and entertaining. These people bring young girls, hired as maid-servants to look after their children, into these posh restaurants but do not even offer them a glass of water. I have seen hungry looks, sadness and dejection amongst these girls as they see their owners and others having a rich feast.This is highly unfair.
I strongly feel that this exploitation of young poor kids, who are hired for a mere pittance,should stop. Either their employers should not take them to these restaurants and look after their brats themselves or they should ask the restaurant management to provide food to these underprivileged children and pay the bill.Anyhow they are going to pay a huge bill so how does it matter if they have to shell out some more money. After all Jesus said Blessed are those who feed the hungry.
This topic made me think of the one TV show that comes on a lot called " FEED THE CHILDREN where they HAVE food but make us PAY to send it to them how stupid is that fi you have the food give it to them i mean they always

" 10 dollars can put 10 pounds of food in the hands of hungry children"
" if you give 20 dollars or more 20 pounds of food will be in the hands of hungry children you will also get ** the item as a gift of sending money *** would be yours just for the one time donation"

i mean please they want money to get them new cars and houses and business pay them to give the FREE GIFT because they need to clean out the warehouses maybe feed the children is for real but i think most are scams
Doesn't a lot of what you are talking about come from the social caste's in India, that I have read about. It is really sick that some people think they are better then other people just because of who they are and how much money they have. It is really sick, that this happens. It is very much like the social injustices that took place in America in the 1970's, and the following civil rights movement. The same will probably have to take place in India before anything changes.
Unfortunately that is why the human species is so despicable... No matter what there will always be social levels and people will always look down on others for stupid reasons.

Money is the root of all people and people are the root of all evil.

What I think about donating cash to charities? I don't like it, I would rather go there myself on a mission trip and help them that way then pay someone else to give cash and trust he doesn't excersize his greed.

I dunno, you see people all the time in huge cities like St. Louis but you don't give them money because you don't know if they really need it or are faking it to get easy cash.
The surplus of food we have in this country is amazing we are just greedy and believe why should we give them what we worked so hard to get ourselves and most of this surplus ends up actually being thrown away or some other retarded reason. How do we expect a third world country to become anything if they cant live past 30
A famous author once said (and im not saying I believe him or remember his name) that people should be self-sufficient and learn to take care of themselves.

If everyone is taking care of themselves then they shouldn't have problems. The problem with what this guy said is the fact that the statement is illogical due to the factor of human evil not existing in the analysis (sry for the big words, couldn't think of another wording...)

I'm not so much on the theory of this guy but it seems to fit the actual discussion... I'll post the name later...
I just read that thread on "regulation of pet food industry" and it made me laugh so hard. If we're talking about solving the hunger problems around the world now this is a subject its actually worth writing politicians about. If you want a solution to solve huger problems first of all all smaller countries should be forgiven of debt equal to the amount of money the state uses to buy food or invest in agriculture. This way those states with hunger problems get to basically have 2x as much cash since once they don't give it back and 2nd they invest it in food or food production Wink

so this is something actually worth writing politicians about !
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