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PS3 Folding@Home

Gamers Can Now Help Stanford University Researchers with the "Folding@Home" Project

Now you can help fight cancer simply by playing video games from the comfort of your own home. Researchers at Stanford University have teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment America, the makers of PlayStation, on the "Folding@Home" project. Folding@Home helps researchers study the folding, and more important, misfolding of human proteins, which can lead to understanding the cause and cure of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cystic fibrosis.

In order to study protein folding, researchers need more than just one super computer, but the massive processing power of thousands of networked computers. Previously, PCs have been the only option for scientists studying this, but now, they have a new, more powerful tool—PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3). The PS3's cell processor is about 20 times faster at folding than a standard PC, giving even greater results in real time, allowing scientists to not only see but navigate the molecule in 3D.

To take part voluntarily, gamers just need to click on the Folding@Home icon within the main menu of the PS3. Then whenever their game system is idle, it will automatically begin the real-time simulations and the PS3's graphic chip actually allows you to watch the process first hand. You can even manipulate and study the protein strand yourself.

If you have a PS3, you should check this out.
I've noticed that you have a lot of posts supporting the PS3.

It kinda sounds like you work for them.

Maybe you're just a really big supporter of them... but some of the things are kinda odd... help science through PS3... hmm.

I mean, I like the PS3 myself, and I own one, but still yet. I'm not that crazed about it myself, it has its flaws, and to not admit that would be foolish.

Just noting how out there the concept of this sounds...
and i'm kinda curious about your source... if you could list it then that would be nice, I'd be interested in learning more if you could do that too.

Very Happy
hmm... nevermind... some research has proven me wrong. sorry about that.

it is a very interesting project, I'd never heard of it before. You'd think stuff like that would be more publicly known.

Guess you learn something new every day.
The reason that I talk about it is because I own one! Very Happy
I will fold a lot more during the winter when it's cooled.... it just makes my room too hot during the spring/summer when the ps3 has heat gushing out of it for extended periods of time during folding.
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