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Swedish punk?

Is anyone here enjoying swedish punk as much as me? Tell me what you like!
Dr Carruthers
I don't know many punk bands from Sweden, but I enjoy The (international) Noise Conspiracy, they are amazing!!
I love how they cross traditional punk, bits of ska, bits of post-punk. And they play powerful live shows. Saw them once and I was blown away... The world's happiest revolution Smile
Millencolin. They like-a the skateboarding.

I have a Millencolin t-shirt. It's blue. It has a picture of a bird on it. I think it's the picture from life on a plate.

Do people in Sweden listen to Millencolin?
last year my local scooter club hired a Swedish ska/punk band called "Square" to play at our annual scooter party....they were crazy on stage & played a very mad blend of skater punk & ska.
I much prefer "original" ska to the punky stuff, but the band played well....they certainly got the younger club members up skanking !
I used to hear some Northan Euro's rock, but now they are hard to find.
Are we talking Ebba Grön/Imperiet/Thåström punk, Millencollin/Satanic Surfers/Räserbajs or Slobobans Undergång/Rävjunk/Skabb types of punk?

And no, I'm not implying that all of the bands shared members.. Wink
If you're old enough to remember the original Punk Rock scene in the late 1970's, you'll remember how contraversial it all was.
Old ladies would dive for cover in the street as a group of punks walked by, and the music was deemed to be the most radical type ever made.
Looking back now, some of those bands (Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Clash, early stuff by The Jam) would all now be considered just pop music.
I was at the last consert of 'asta kask' in the 80s - but then they rejoined again---- The blew up a speeker actually, noicy bunch.

I also like ' tredje konet ' also 80s stuff... my favorite (translated it means the third sex....)
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