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Linux from scratch?

Someone tried Linux From Scratch?
I whanted to start 1 project and to learn from LFS how to create my open source Linux.
First I started with a tutorial creating a Linux Distribution on 2 Disketes and finnaly I made it ( 1 year ago ).
After that little distribution i tried to make a little bigger one to work on a usb stick, like 50 Mb ussage with internet, video, sound and a little desktop management like KDE but much smaller ( 10 mb ).
The idea is cool that you can create your own Operating sistem distribution powered by Linux open source, you can make the kernell to work best with you computer components and it will be smaller.
For example if you have a smaller laptop, you can start creating your own distribution limited for the computers resources & components to work faster then other new age Operating System like Windows and Linux * linux is big!
would like to try it and am currently making my way though the recommended reading list before I start into playing around with linux from scratch. Would also like to try gentoo as well.
If you are new to working with the internals of linux, Gentoo is the best way to go. The documentation is excellent, and they will walk you through the important stuff, like toolchains, compiler flags, compiling your own kernel, and more.

Even if you start with the most "user-friendly" stage 3 build, you'll learn a bunch. The 1 and 2 stages are too intense (time and energy consuming) for me.

I used Gentoo for a couple years and liked it a lot. I've since started to use Debian and Ubuntu, but every once in awhile I'll build a Gentoo machine as a refresher.
Some friends of mine uses Gentoo and maybe I will use it. In the future I will try to compile my own kernell and to make my own linux distro.
I am wondering if there are any tutorials about making a linux distribution for macintosh.
which processor for the Mac are you interested in doing a linux distribution for? Intel or the PowerPC processors?
You may study from some opensource system, for example:

GeeXboX ISOs are ready-to-burn disc images containing the bootable GeeXboX Operating System for multimedia entertainment. Pre-made ISO images are currently available in English or French for both i386 (PC) and PowerPC (Macinstosh) computers. Other languages are available with the ISO generator. The installer software is included in the ISO.

and there is some tools help to build your own linux from stratch:

Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that makes it easy generate a cross-compilation toolchain and root filesystem for your target Linux system using the uClibc C library. Buildroot is useful mainly for people working with small or embedded systems. Embedded systems often use processors that are not the regular x86 processors everyone is used to using on their PC. It can be PowerPC processors, MIPS processors, ARM processors, etc. And to be extra safe, you do not need to be root to build or run buildroot.


Scratchbox is a cross-compilation toolkit designed to make embedded Linux application development easier. It also provides a full set of tools to integrate and cross-compile an entire Linux distribution.


OpenEmbedded is a full-featured development environment allowing users to target a wide variety of devices. Supporting multiple build, release paths and configurations, OpenEmbedded extends the capabilities of your build and release engineers. OpenEmbedded uses compilation and configuration caching at most levels to increase developer productivity.

There is many ...

So, you should not did this from stratch, but from a success project.
great post Redice, they're some great links that you provided in your post.
I will be doing it at UNI level i think. But i don't know anything about linux. I had used it once. I find it nice.
Is it possible if I edit/modify any current success release and make it follow the specification that I want?
Let say I want to make uBuntu 7.04 can run fast on 133Mhz Pentium w/ 64MB RAM?
Arno v. Lumig
vandetta wrote:
Is it possible if I edit/modify any current success release and make it follow the specification that I want?
Let say I want to make uBuntu 7.04 can run fast on 133Mhz Pentium w/ 64MB RAM?

Yes, you can modify it, because it's open source.

No, Ubuntu won't run >fast< on an 133Mhz with 64MB of RAM. You might make it able to run, but it won't be fast, but then Ubuntu isn't even fast on my 1,67GHz computer with 512MB of RAM.

For your computer I suggest you use Gentoo, FreeBSD or something else stripped-down. Use Fluxbox or something similar as your window manager, Gnome and KDE would be way too heavy.
Just get Debian for that 133MHz machine. You don't want to wait for Gentoo to finish compiling. It's a ridiculous waste of energy anyway, home-compiling. In theory you can modify any open source release to run on your old machine but you'd be spending months or even years on unnecessary work.

With 64MBs of RAM you can put IceWM on it, which is light but still has the familiar taskbar and start menu. Your pc will be usable as basic Internet station, with e.g. Sylpheed and Opera. Music playing with XMMS is another good purpose. Don't try Firefox or Thunderbird, as they will take like 5 minutes to load.

During install, don't select any of the default package setups (Desktop, Server, etc.) but manually select your packages. At least include these (this is for v3.1 sarge stable):
1. x-window-system-core
2. icewm
3. menu
4. xdm (if you want a graphical login screen)
5. mc (simple file manager)

All further applications (XMMS etc.) should be available at the Debian repository. But first get Opera (just from with another pc, transfer it to the Linux machine via a USB stick or CD, and install it so you can browse the web. Or install Links and use that to get Opera directly from the Debian box.
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