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To Love Doesn't Mean To Be Loved ???

Life without love is no Life
Love without life is no Love.
We all live just because we love someone or someone loves us.
But why r are we that stubborn and demand so called LOVE when we love some one. To love doesn't mean to be loved.

Can you love someone that you stop loving....
Of course not! Many times happened to me that I loved a girl but she didnt love me! It happens a lot! It feels bad but is normal i think!
Thats how it works!
love is so overrated. Just give me sex sex sex
It happens sometimes as we are young to love someone, who is not feeling the same. I thing that everyone should pass through this.
In my oppinion this one way feelings have to be avoided if you want to live happy.
There is time for everithing and you will meet that special someone.
It's better to be alone and have fun, instead of beeng with a broken heart.
today too many people fall in love with such a little head about it
I love two girls and they both love me, but im going out only with one...

I cant leave first bu i cant live without second. Even i cant be left by 1st...
Who can define love or put it in a parcel. Perhaps there are different kinds of love, different for every person. There is the romantic kind, the seasonal kind, the kind that means just friendship and the kind that lasts through the years. Maybe the list goes on and on.
yes its very possable to love somone that does not love you. or not in the same way you feel about them. I meen youmight love them in a romantick way but theymightonly love you as afriend the best thing you can do in that sittuation is just remain friends with them and keep looking you one day find theone that both youlove and that also loves you in the same romantick way.
love whitout life is no problems you dream to much. A true realtionship is no dance on roses. The first months everything is fine then you discover the bad sides. Then acceptem or leave.

To love whith out be loved is hard you often get in love with a dream picture of the person you are more in love then true love. But of curse if you have love a person you never stop love them.
love is something that you give without expecting in return. I'ts better to say you love that person because you love her not because you are expecting her to love you back. cheeze i got confused..
Perhaps you have mistaken love for infatuation, which is the infamous 'love at first sight.' Is that really love? A quick appraisal, based on instinct and intuition? More times than not, it's can't be.

If not, though, the word you're looking for is 'unrequited.'
Love is definitely overrated.
Also, your interpretation of love may not be the same as someone else's.
i love someone at the moment..but she just don't know whether she loves me or we keep being friends to each other..but still i keeps my love feeling to her..
Love can exist anywhere and in anything. you can love someone who does not return that love, but it usually won't bring you any happiness. Don't be too quick to follow your heart, but also, don't hesitate too much. It's a very difficult thing.
As I very well feel at this very moment, unfortunately, you can love somebody very much even if he/she does not.

Yes, you have to be careful with this whole 'love on first sight' thing because it is far too often incorrectly thought of as love. But then again, no one can judge any other person by what he calls love. Love is one thing which is different for everybody.

But sometimes I feel that love is one thing about which you should not think too much - even not think at all. Thinking in true love doesn't help.
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