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Problem with burning DVD-R

I have a PC with XP O/S and pioneer DVD-RW drive. When I burn CD-R/RW or DVD-RW, every thing goes fine but when I burn DVD-R, after burning, my computer does not get access to the disc and shows no disc in the drive after some times of inserting the disc. I tried this DVD-R on another computer with XP having SONY DVD-RW and Samsung DVD-RW drive. It was running on both the computers well but not on mine. I tried to disable the multi session mode but no changes occurred.
One more thing is that ones I burnt a DVD-R using nero, and when I checked it on my computer, it worked. I checked two or three times, all working, but after some days, the computer could not read the same disc, but it was running on the other computer. After it, I made several attempts to burn DVD-R using nero, both by disabling and enabling the multi session mode but all failed in reading. On another day, I again tried to burn the DVD-R using Sonic Record Now. Burning was successful and I could access it on my computer. Now again the condition is as before and I could not access the DVD-R burnt on my computer using either Nero or Sonic.
What could be the reason behind it and its solution?
I will appreciate any help or suggestion.
It's possible the firmware needs updating. Try that if it doesn't work after updating the firmware for either DVD writers then it's possible it could be either a software problem or faulty DVD writer(s). You could try burning with different software like Imgburn it's free get it from I hope i've been of some help ^_^
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