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I have recently watched the epic film 300. I liked it a lot, I have also read the repulblic by Plato, which I may have mentioned in some of my other posts, and on top of this have just started working at a spceial needs school for children with severe learning dificulties.

What do all theese things have in common you ask?

Well, today was very harrowing for me, the children at the school do not have and will never have the capabilities we all take for granted and in fact depend upon to be able to carry out our basic lives. Many of them will never be able to outgrow mental ages of below 10 year olds. One girl showed me pictures of her 18th birthday party at McDonalds, it is a constant challenge to not judge theese people and to accept themas they are. Giving praise and support is exhausting.

In the 300 there is a scene depicting what was at the time a standard practise where babies who were born malformed were left to die at birth. I know this sounds very harsh however having seen some of the children today I couldn't help but think of this idea, which is called eugenics. It is similiar to the process we use for breeding cattle where the strongest animals are specifically selected to breed together in the hope of producing yet stronger offspring. The same thing we do with pedigree breeds of dogs.

We want the best qualities in theese animals so Plato suggested we should want even better for ourselves as Humans. I have been thinking about this as I write and I would say that the lack of guile or pretense from theese children is in itself a virtue but even that is impossible to benefit from if people like this are excluded from mainstream society. What are your thoughts on the matter. If you knew your child was to have a serious dissability would you want to go through with the birth anyway, would you still want to raise the baby knowing how much resources it would take, and knowing that child will probably never be able to fulfill a full role in society, or do you think as humans we have a duty to care for all other humans as they are, and improve ourselves through the training of our compassion?
Interesting and definitely controversial topic. This will probably gain many pages soon Very Happy . Anyway, this deals a lot with religion and views on abortion. Being an agnostic and pro-choice person myself, here is my view on this topic.

The idea of eugenics has both good and bad sides. I think that it is purely pro-choice to the parents. If they want to take on the responsibility of raising a child with disabilities, mad kudos to them. On a moral level, they still are human, but are just not capable of maturing and thinking like the rest of us.

I can't quite put my thoughts into words right now, but my view is that it is up to the parents whether they want the abortion or not. Personally, I would want an abortion. Truthfully, I wouldn't want the responsibility (maybe that makes me a bad person). If something happened to me where I lost my motor skills or whatnot, I wouldn't want to burden family and friends with taking care of me. I have respect for the people who are up to the task.
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