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Music History and its importantce

This is a topic only covered by a few people, mainly music majors... well that is what I feel anyway. In my opinion it is an important part of history that is always overlooked and not given a lot of concideration. It portrays the feelings and emotions that people had in that time, just like we write music that portrays what we feel now.

The earliest era of recorded music history is back in the mideveal era, mainly consisted of the gregorian chants, or the simplistic music that is related to the catholic church. In that time period, music shaped a lot of what was going on and took place in the church, seeing how all the "educated" people where part of the church, and had alot of affect and influence on everyday happenings. All of the lower class people (no one that is eather part of the church or any royalty) got all of their education from the catholic mass, including the chants(music).

The Renaissance was about a new way of thinking, and the music portrayed that very well. Renaissance means "rebirth" and the music sugguested it, and even secular music (anything thats not sacred, or church related) had its start in the renaissance. without that movement there would have been no current day bands and whatnots.

The Romatic era was a time when all the revolutions where happening and patriotic songs came into play, supporting the nationalistic thinking of the time (1820-1900).
I learned a little about music history when I went to Gate Bowl (an academic competition between schools in parts of America). Hardly anyone knows about music and many questions are about it. So I figured if I learned a little about the different periods and composers, I would get my team a deacent amount of points. I covered the math and music part for my team.
Music History is like many subjects in history, biased because of the authors. My sister took a music literature/history class at her university. Me, being interested in history in general thumbed through the book. Much like literary history, her music history class focused almost 100% on Western European creativity (Even all of Europe is not covered). We're missing a giant part of history. The earliest recorded may have been in Medieval times, but civilizations appeared in other parts of the world thousands of years ago. And in that thousands of years of difference, those other civilizations did develop music. Hard to believe they did not.
I agree. Music was an important part of history, and to this day still pushes to continue this.

In ancient times, civilizations used music to celebrate at festivals which honored certain gods. They also used music, or rather rhythms and beats, to communicate.

In more Middle Ages, many great minds used music to both describe thoughts and to come up with new ones. Mozart was, to some, the greatest composer of music ever. To those same people, he could be considered even a genius.

In the Revolutionary War era, music was used in battle to both signal enemies and allies and to encourage soldiers by playing favorites and patriotic jingles.

In recent past, music inspired a generation to rebel against their government and a race to rise above discrimination.

Currently music is source to much conflict and discussion. It is one of the most common pastimes of Americans and young adults everywhere. Music is even used today to stand up against thong that the artists don't agree with.

All in all, music is loved by everyone. It has been used in history and is being used to add to history.

Though I am from Louisiana, land of jazz Wink , and these are my opinions.

God bless,
ya of corse people write about history that they are intrested in. and i understand that its not all encoumpessing (spelling?). but im ok with that =D anyway about the whole jazz thing. all the eras where named after they happend so i belive that the music era right now has to be named or cordinated with jazz. thats just my opinion though but its fun to think about =D
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