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Purchasing monitor

I'm trying to find a monitor to buy for a custom PC I plan on building. I don't know much about monitors, so I'm trying to figure whats the most important thing I should be looking for in a good monitor such as contrast ratio, or pixels size, resolution, response rate, etc. I intend on using this monitor for more than just gaming.
If you go to the following link you will find all the information you need to know on buying an LCD monitor.

The two most important things to look for are contrast ratio and response time (refresh rate).

The lower the response the better, try looking for something with a 2ms response.

The contrastio look for *:1 with the * being as big a # you can find.

I have one with a 2ms response and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, the highest contrast ratio I have seen is 3000:1 on an upgraded model to mine.

If you use the link I gave you earlier you can find links to these two monitors.

So that you know I am a Gamer and I play games with very high end graphics and I never see any ghosting at all.

EDIT: That page has been updated to the samsung link to show monitor as it seems futureshop took it off their site.
As Zyprius has stated, the best thing you need to look for in a monitor is the contrast ratio and the response time.

You can research the Samsung 206BW monitor, in my opinion is the best 20" monitor that you can get with the best contrast ratio and response time. It has a 3000:1 contrast ratio and a 2 ms response time.
The higher the contrast ratio, the better. The lower the response time, the better.

Zyprius also has a good monitor with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a response time of 2ms. It is also a Samsung. Although mine is widescreen, his is not. Mine is basically a step above his and that's about it.

I am sure that he will be able to find his monitor to tell you more about it because I am fairly uncertain on other aspects of his model.
I had the same dilemma when i was buying my laptop, which screen should i get, Widescreen, Normal, Glossy coating, Matte coating, SVGA, WUXVGA, etc etc etc.......
I have 2 desktop machines plus 2 laptops:-

My one desktop has a BenQ 1280 x 1024 matte TFT (LG Internals) which is a great screen and cheep!

My other desktop has a Iiyama 1280 x 1024 matte TFT screen again another good cheap panel, but i prefer the brightness and contrast of the BenQ (LG Panel)

My first laptop has a Samsung 1680 x 1050 WUXGA glossy TFT which is superb, the glossy finish helps improve contrast and the wide screen format is very useful in giving you more usable desktop space.

My Second laptop has a plain matte 1024 x 768 not much to say about it really Wink

Your best bet when choosing a screen is to go to your local computer store and take a look, i guess at the end of the day it's down to individual preference.

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