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Favourite Potatoe Chip Flavour

Now I know that there are MANY brands of chips... I don't want to know your favourite brand "hostess/humptdumpty" I want to know what your favourite flavour is and why Smile

Mine is BBQ due to the fact that once you eat them, you gota go back for more cos your tatebuds demand them Very Happy
cause your tastebud demand them that is cool
Mine is hostest with the mosted Dill pickle Smile they yummy and also lays sour cream and bacon Smile they good ohh my now i have a craving for a bag of chips thanks Glenn hehe
OH, gotta be all dressed. That way, you get all the flavours in one and you will never, ever have to go back for more (unless of course your tastebuds force you to, as the OP said lol).

My second would have to be ketchup.
glenn83e wrote:
Now I know that there are MANY brands of chips... I don't want to know your favourite brand "hostess/humptdumpty" I want to know what your favourite flavour is and why Smile

Mine is BBQ due to the fact that once you eat them, you gota go back for more cos your tatebuds demand them Very Happy

hardly eat crisps as we english people call em...

but i like any flavour really... BBQ was the bomb back in the day... cheese flava doritos n lightly salted.. damn!
{name here}
Salt flavor! Laughing
My favorite chip flavor would have to be sea salt and vinegar. Those two flavors are destined for each other.

Spicey BBQ! mmmm flavor, burn, flavor
Not exactly what you were requesting (and this is not an SRS because of the volunteer sample bais) Potato Chip Connoisseur*

BBQ until I turned into a vegetarian, now I prefer the "cheese" flavors.

Either cheddar cheese or BBQ or spicy...salsa or whatever it's called. I like those. Those are the flavors of the different brands of chips I like, so I like them all, haha.
Plain salted chips are pretty sweet. Call me boring. Wink
Salt and Vinegar, my mouth waters at the very idea of it Razz
I, uh, just prefer 'original' flavour. The only exception to this is CCs, in which case nacho cheese is awesome. I can't stand salt and vinegar, and I'm not exactly fond of most of the more obscure flavours. Chips were perfected upon creation, and any new flavours have gotten less awesome since then. Original = win!
Mine is Salmon Teriyaki & Nori (seaweed), because I love this 'ocean' taste.
I like Chiken and plain salt!

(Make my mouth water just thinking bout it...)

On the other hand, Prawn cocktail?! who's loosy idea was that?! Shocked
Lays Classic.
Nothing beats Classic! God, now I want some REEEEEALLY bad. >.>
ketchup and woscester sauce are good, but neither can compare to spicy tomato. Even though they are all essentially variations upon the same theme. Which is weird becuase i'm not a massive fan of tomatoes themselves
My favorite flavor of chip would probably have to be Kettle-style, no flavor. I am a sucker for tough/hard-to-chew chips, even though my mom always tells me (I'm hoping in jest) that I'll crack my teeth from eating so many of them. @_@

If I had to settle for something else, though, I would most likely go with sour cream and chives or anything with herbs, for that matter.
kettle-style jalapeno is da bombbbb
I'm simplistic - Cheese and Onion ..mmmmm
i like sour cream and onion i dunno why i just
1) Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips

Followed closely by Funyuns (onion[ish] flavored).
i think i'd just go classic salt and vinegar and get loaded.

but i do remember england had a pink "peacock" flavour that was pretty good...
Lays makes this great new flavor, Chile Chips.
They are delicious and a great lil refresher from back home in New Mexico.
I like many flavors, but my favorite is salt and vinegar
My favorite is BBQ

I like to just eat an entire value bag of that stuff right from sam's club.
I love Chatpata & BBQ & Latino Flavors Laughing
in my contry we call them crisps (uk)

and mine is chicken coz i looovve chicken! and chicken is a calm taste which even thinking about now is making me hungry fr a pack.. AND I AINT GOT ANY!! Crying or Very sad
I don't really know about a favorite brand of chips but I sure love ppl's look when they eat a whole pack of chips and then read on the pack that it causes anal leakage Very Happy
seagullspirit wrote:
causes anal leakage Very Happy

Gross!!! never thought about that? actually.. i never happends over here. you must make your crisps/chips diffrently

we call chips cooked potato slices and crisps as in a packed of crisps.
my favorite flavor is salt and vinager,

because you think its gonna be horrible, it is, but you still want more Very Happy
Mine is potato flavored.

And this whole topic is SPAM flavored.

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