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The best and worst with anime?

As the topic says. What do you think are the best and worst things about anime?
Well the best is watching the series and enjoying every minute and watching them in succession.
Conversely, there's the boredom after you finish series, but then again if it drags on too long and with useless fillers, ie. naruto then it also gets boring.
The best is when your rilled in by a drama and keeps getting good. Like with Case Closed the show never ends but you can't stop watching it because the cases are so good. The worst thing is when there isn't enough of the series. Midori No Hibi was only 13 episodes and should have been much longer or at least had a 2nd season.
i dont know mcuh about other anime shows but i used to watch dragonballz. its one of the best. great anime drawing and scene captures and everything else..... but whenever there is battle coming between the warriors - there is like 5-10min time limit.... the anime drawing just stays still, showing the damn thing over and over for 5min. i hate tthat. it just takes away half of the "Interesting" time of the show... and i gota wait till next time to see what happens...but i guess its ok...w/e. lol
The best thing about animes is that it can be of any genre action, romance, comedy or even hentai. It gives us a nice view of the creators mind without the retriction of big budgets that is found on live action films ie there is no location shooting etc. The worst I have to say is repeated frames of animation like when there is a transformation (like those sailormoon transformations), volting ins (like Voltes V volt in or any other robots that unites) or a fight scene (seems like same punches or kickws are thrown all over again). And another worst thing about anime is fillers, (although some fillers are good, but some just too boring)
There are a lot of things that make up the best of anime, but one of the things I like are the character developments... one of the reasons I like anime is that I fall in love with the characters, or I hate them and yet can't get enough of them. If I don't have some sort of intimate feeling for the character, then I just can't be interested in the series.

The worst thing about anime that I find is the endings... I usually don't like the way a lot of series' ends. Like Wolf's Rain, I wasn't happy with the actual ending... if you stop at the second to last episode, then I liked it. But the last episode made it worthless to me. Also disliked the ending to Gilgamesh... I liked the series, I thought that it was really interesting, but when it got to the end I was very disappointed. It seems to happen a lot, and is the one major gripe that I have about anime.
My wife disliked the ending of some of the Anime...especially Fruits Basket... She thought it was too short and cut out a huge amount of content. Some anime can get pretty gruesome so my wife won't watch it. Me, I can't stand it when you cant' tell the difference between the guys and girls, since they all have seem to have long colored hair. What gives with that? Even in more sci-fi/fighting anime they do that...what soldier or pilot can afford to have really long hair, wouldn't it just get in the way? What government would sanction that?
For me the good and bad of anime are like two sides of a coin. Some anime have the good side and some have the bad. I love anime that have strong characters with well developed personalities and that follow a good plot. I hate when the anime seems to exist to provide eye candy or to give the watcher "WAFF".
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