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Need help with website!!?

I'm not so good at this, and i have a few problems. so i was hoping someone could help??

When you have acquired a frihost domain is it possible to use a website you already built, and use the html file and then upload it to the domain.
if so HOW??? Sad

If you dont understand my question let me explain!!

I already made a website with a program. (Can't recall the name of it!)
And i think its waist of time to make a new if i just could load it as a html file into my friohost domain... Is that possible??

mathiaus wrote:

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If you have the html files of your website, you can upload it to your frihost account either through Filemanager of Cpanel/DirectAdmin or through FTP.

Cpanel/DirectAdmin can be accessed by appending the portnumber to your frihost website name (i.e. if your site is, cpanel is at If you are using directadmin, use the directadmin port number. The port numbers or how to access the cpanel/directadmin can be found in the hosting account confirmation mail sent you.

If you are using ftp, use the ftp domain and use your username and password.

Hope this helps.
You can upload them via an ftp program on in directadmin. It will go under files then under public_htlm folder. If you need help post it in the marketplace forum and i'm sure someone will help you.
Upload and set permission with ftp...recommended to use filezilla...
I nearly succeded in getting my website up... but all the images and graphics are not there only text... and i uploaded all the html files that belonged to my website. please help! i don't know what to do Sad

And also none of the links works!
i uploaded the index file and all the other links html files. with file manager...
that should do it... shouldn't it???
i have uploaded all my html that belongs to my website. and it dosn't work. none of the links works and the graphic on the website isn't displayed!

any ideas??
First of all, from what I know(of my noobie knowledge of building websites), you cannot get your website online by merely uploading the HTML files. If the images used in the webpage were locally stored in your computer, you need to upload the images too, to the server. For convenience, upload them to a separate directory called images. And then, change the HTML code of your pages. Change the image links to the path in your directory.

Hope this helps. Smile ( I am not sure what I said is entirely correct, if anyone has a better explanation...)
Could you tell me please where you have uploaded your files, and how you have uploaded them?
upload your files in a ftp program and once in upload it to (public html), Places all your images in a new folder called (Images), So your able to keep track better. Make sure to re-edit the html index page and re-edit where your callingyour images too ie... images... (img src="images/your_image_here.gif").

If you can't find your index page on the computer use the search function to bring it up.

search *Filename

if not then search

Good Luck
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