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mecafee antivirus problem

i cannot able to uninstall mecafee 4.5. i uninstalled it from the add/remove program it is saying successfully uninstalled, when i restart my system it come again into active
Try the Mcafee removal tool

This happens because the Mcafee (and also Norton) uninstallers are written very poorly and do not remove all the pieces of the software.
Well, the newer version would be better than the old one.
I have used the virus version 10 ( 2006 ) and it works fine.
So, it is best to upgrade to the lastest version.
Download a trial copy of it to experience it.
McAffee sucks in my own opinion. The reason you can't remove it is due to other accounts using it. To remove without the need of a tool you have to delete the other accounts. I use NOD32 by eset haven't had any problems no slowing down of the computer and i've been able to remove with other accounts. I would recommend this if you're going for another anti-virus package. Smile
You can use a third party tool such as Addremove pro or addremove4good. If you have system mechanic installed, it can clear up such junks from your registry.A 30 days trial version is available at
Macfee and norton sucks... thats for certain.

i'm using AVG and happy with it. Although it doesn't track down every possible attacks. I got firewallas and other anti stuffs which does the work and takes much lesser memory.
A little while back I investigated a "slow" computer and found that the culprit was mcaffee antispyware. It was constantly holding the processor at 100%, and I for the life of me I couldn't figure out why.

After finding the file I ran some searches online and found a TON of people complaining about the same issue. I also found an article released by mcaffee stating that there was a compatibility issue between their antivirus software and their antispyware programs, and that uninstalling the antispyware should fix the problem.

Undaunted by their failure to produce any good software the company continued to market both software solutions, and left the article about compatibility issues burried on their website for only the most web-savy people to find.

Having held millions of processors at 100% for a long time, I considder mcaffee a worthless attempt at cleaning your system, and in fact it is likely to cause your system more problems because of software conflicts, let alone the fact that most viruses now days are designed to skirt right around mcaffee like it's not even on your system.

Needless to say, I have a very solid opinion of mcaffee's software. Formed from having done my homework on the issue.

What antivirus you choose is up to you. I am only a computer repair tech who deals with these issues every day of the week, what the heck do I know? ;-p
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