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Italy Farewell Concert -- Longest I ever had...

I just came back from my Italy Farewell Concert in my school, for our Orchestra and opera singers are leaving in two days for Italy. This is the longest concert I ever had, also the biggest, most fun...

I am first stand, second seat in the 2nd violin section.

We played:

-Overture to "La Gazza Ladra"
-O Mio Babbino Caro from "Gianni Schicchi"
-Quando me'n vo soletta from "La Bohemme"
-Va Pensiero from "Nabucco"
-Selections from "West Side Story"
-Remeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
-Libiamo Ne Liteti Calivi from "La Traviata"
-The Star and Stripes Forever March

Most of music we played are original, especiall Romeo and Juliet Overture of Tchaikovsky, it was around 20 minutes long, I basically died after I play through that.

The whole concert was around 1.5~2 hours long, just by the school Orchestra. We never really have a concert just by ourself and attract that much people. Even the Scoot family from Alex's Lemonade Stand show up, for we are donating all the money we gain to the Alex's Lemonade Stand orgianization for kids having cancer.

Basically, I think our director, Mr. Simon, is a very good conductor, but he is too nice, push us not hard enough... even though he thinks he did. I enjoyed the concert for I finally get to sit first stand infront of all those people, having a feeling of "Under one man, above the others", lol. My favorite pieces are "La Gazza Ladra", "West Side Story" and "Remo and Juliet". I got very into "Remo and Juliet" that I almost rip the tuxedo apart, the stupid thing stop me bring playing full power in the fighting scene... I don't know what it look like, but it might look weird seeing a kid attacking his violin, lol.

Is there any here that have such a concert? Or any concert lately?

BTW, in Italy we are giving 4 concerts:

March 30, 2007 -San Paolo Entro Le Mura - Roma, Italia - 5:00PM
April 1, 2007 - Chiesa Sant' Agostino - Siena, Italia - 5:00PM
April 3, 2007 - Palasport di Liettoli - Campolongo Maggiore, Italia - 9:00PM (Play along with local Youth Orchestra)
April 4, 2007 - Teatro Alta Forum - Campodarsego, Italia - 9:00PM (Concert Beginning the Internation Music Meeting 2007)

Just in case anyone is around Italy and want to drop by and see. I believe admission is free. or at least that's what is said in the program booklet in front of me, lol.
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