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Problem Uninstalling

Well I installed this program a long time ago and now I don't need it anymore. But when I go to Add or Remove Programs and click Change/Remove, an error message pops up saying:

The following file does not exist or is not a valid uninstallation log file. (followed by the path of the file)

So how can I uninstall it??
I suggest ToniArts Easy Cleaner
CleanCache 3.5
Try using Tune Up utilities software..matbe that's can help your problem...
Here is another tool that will remove entries from add/remove programs: (though it only works if the software used the windows installer and not another installer like Install Shield)

Sounds like someone deleted the folder that contained the uninstaller information.
or delete the installation.log or uninstall.exe that's annoying....

Just delete the folder and delete the unecessary registry files. Use those tools that already listed above ^^
i think u deleted a file that is linked to the program. Try reinstalling the program then uninstalling it. Try using CCleaner.
Here is another tool that will remove entries from add/remove programs: (though it only works if the software used the windows installer and not another installer like Install Shield)

This is just what I did and manually deleted the files. I don't like it though, there might be other files scattered randomly around. Confused
There are lots of way to uninstall programs which have invalid entries listed under Add/Remove Programs.

Well, just follow the instructions below to make the entries valid.

  1. Download hijackthis to your desktop.
  2. Browse to the desktop and extract the contents to a folder.
  3. Navigate to the hijackthis folder and double-click on hijackthis.exe.
  4. You will be presented with a menu. Click on the "Open the Misc Tools section" button.
  5. Click on the "Open Uninstall Manager..." button.
  6. On the left, search and click on the program that has problem removing via Add/Remove Programs.
  7. On your right, click on the "Edit uninstall command" button. You will be presented with a small windows.
  8. At the box, type in the correct location of the uninstaller then click "OK".
  9. After doing that, you will be notified that the new uninstallation string has been saved.
  10. Now, click on the "Open Add/Remove Software list" button. You will be presented with the Add/Remove Programs" Windows.
  11. Now, scroll and search for the program which you've edited the uninstall string. Click on the "Remove" button. The program should be able to uninstall now.

The above steps will only work if you didn't manually delete the program's folder located at the Programs Files directory.

If a program has been uninstalled but the entry is still listed under Add/Remove Programs, then you have to do the following.

  1. Go back to hijackthis and open the Uninstall Manager again.
  2. Instead of editing the uninstall command string, select the program from the list and click on the "Delete this entry" button.
  3. After doing that, the program entry listed under Add/Remove Programs will disappear.
I use my spybot search & destroy uninstall tool
This happens whenever you uninstall or try and otherwise remove a program via a method other then the approved uninstaller that came with it or via the add-remove programs. All this means is that some part of the program exists, temp data, application settings or reg keys. Just clean those up with one of the programs listed above. Im just kind of explaining what happened here.
As a simple first step you could try re-installing the program then uninstalling it, this works sometimes if any part of the installation has accidentily been removed.
Use a good uninstaller like addremove pro or add remove 4 good. Its always advisable to have a system utility like system mechanic to tacle such problems.
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