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Who would win? Tyson or Ali

One of the most devastating punchers ever seen in the world of boxing.

In is peak he was feared by everyone and would have kicked anyones azz.

The age old question that always comes up though is ' Who would win? Tyson in his prime or Ali in his prime? '

I'll let you decide that, but while you do enjoy seeing Tyson knocking the crap out of alot of people...
Tyson will just bite his ear off.. Cannibal... I vote for Ali.
George Forman was "the most feared puncher in the world" when he fought Ali in Africa. We all saw (or watched it later if we weren't born yet) what happened there.

Tyson doesn't even deserve to be mentioned with Ali.
A lot of ifs and thens play a role in this comparison.
How great Ali was, I still think Tyson would beat Ali, provided both are in their peak.
We all know how Ali used his reach to keep his adversary on a distance. BUT we also know how Tyson loved the close in battle. He kept coming like a bull dog.
Tyson could take a punch or two straight in the head without blinking an eye.
So once into close battle I would say that Tyson is the winner.
UNLESS of course Ali can keep him at a distance, which is very difficult not to say impossible.
Quite frankly, Ali. Ali was a more composed and smarter fighter.
Who wins is not that important.
I think it is impossible to compare past champions to current champions or of recent times.
The thing is... everything is changing. Including sports.
Boxing has become faster and boxers are much stronger than before. You just have to look at the average weights in each class and you will see that it lays higher.
And hey every sport is changing.
Look at football, cricket,...
That is why it is much more difficult to make comparisons.

Still I think Tyson would win in the ring. How big a fan of Ali I may be... Ali stays Ali.
Tyson the person can never beat Ali the person. No way
What?! what is the doubt here at all?!
Sure that Ali.

Ali is the greatest boxers ever been, if not the biggest sportmen we got in the world until today.
skynet wrote:
What?! what is the doubt here at all?!
Sure that Ali.

Ali is the greatest boxers ever been, if not the biggest sportmen we got in the world until today.

Ali all the way Laughing not only could he kick tysons butt, Tyson would prob be DQ'd for eating him
Let's see Tyson a big bull, no brains and then BITE!!!!


Ali dance and move like butterfly, strike like an OX.

ALI would be all over Tyson, Tyson is too slow in comparison, he may be an TANK, but that only means he would fall just that much harder.

The only way that Tyson could win against Ali is if Ali was not paying attention and let Tyson get a clean free hit, Then Ali would be thrown for a loop and would not recover.

But if he kept his wits about him like he pretty much always did then hands down Ali would clobber Tyson.

ALI all the way!!!

This is just my personal opinion, everyone is intitled to their own of course.
Ali is very sportmen
Tyson is killer

ali and tyson muslim Very Happy

my vote M. Tyson !
Ali would kick Tyson around the place. Ali had the speed,confidence,determination and everything and Tyson had power. Ali would last 15 rounds with Tyson and just leave Tyson get worn out then finish him.
It must be Ali, Tyson could hardly get close to Ali.
I think Ali would beat Tyson pretty easily. Tyson may be powerful, but Ali had the ring smarts. He would easily out think Tyson and knock him out. Ali is the greatest fighter in my opinion. I love the young Tyson, but he is not the smartest guy in the ring. I would love to watch this match-up though, it would be a great fight to see.
Whilst Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time, Tyson was a pure fighter, theres such a big difference in styles it would make it very close to call!

I think it would certainly test Tysons suspect temperament at the same time as testing Ali's ablilty to take the punishment that the early Tyson, and I mean early Tyson, would be giving out to him.

My verdict: Ali to out think Tyson and to win on points or KO in last round.
My heart says Ali but my head says Tyson
This would be an interesting but fight but, Ali would win hands down. Tyson like the previous poster said likes to fight on the inside. But, when you are dealing with someone who could move and jab like Ali, Tyson is not going to get inside. Don't care what he tries. Also not many of Tyson's fights were wars. He basically built his rep for his brutality. Having already psyched out his opponent before he even stepped in the ring.

Ali fought the biggest and the best of his time, which do not compare to the present time (when Tyson was fighting) fighters for Tyson. Name someone close to Frazier or Foreman or even Holmes for that matter, that Tyson has fought. Spinks? joke....Buster Douglas was the only one I could recall when Tyson was in his prime who actually was not intimidated and fought back against him. Look at the result there.
Exactly what I was thinking. Tyson biting Ali's ear off.

Muhammed Ali would "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee" and destroy Tyson.
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