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Pirates of the Caribbean

irates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)



Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) he is always so funny to watch.
I have seen both and I can tell you that the first one is mucho mucho better.
Also you will see that a third one is due.

Hey Urdukahani, where are you from. Urdu speaking you must be either from Pakistan or from India.
I just love Keira Knightley. Can't wait for the next installment. Hope it's as entertaining as the first two. Wink
I like the first one better. The second one was a bit boring I thought. Hope the third one is much better. I think the first one seems better because the story was new and much more interesting.
I have watched both and yeah liked the first one a lot.....but now am waiting for the third part.....
"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

Somehow get a feeling that this final part is going be better than the second.....
Does anyone besides me think that Johnny Depp must just be cursing himself, the Black Pearl and all the pirates of of the Caribbean for having let himself be talked into this bloody franchise?

Shame to see such a great actor sucked into a really bad sequel -- can't imagine the third will ever redeem the second. There should only have been one: the first one.

No matter. I still love you, Johnny. Very Happy
Lol Sparrow, you are funny as clown ^^ .
I like this movie, i smile and laugh much. Its wonderful.
But i still didn`t see the 2nd part. I have it on my CD but no time to look.
Come on people, the second one wasn't half bad. I quite enjoyed it. The rule in trilogies is that the second one is always the best. I'm guessing that won't be the case here.
The 3rd one will be released at the end of NEXT MONTH!

time to get excited Smile
I loved both the movies...1st one was awesome..jhonny depp was superb in that.
2nd was also good...not as good as the first one...but that is expected...first movie raised the bar pretty high.

but i can't wait for the last part of the would be way better tahtn the second part.
the story is set up real nice...they have a nice foudation to make a great movie.

I hope they do deliver...only a month and a half go to...and in between we have spiderman 3.
Its going to be a great summer it seems...
The first one i enjoyed alot better then the second i keep falling asleep with it, I don't know why! Laughing
Without Jack the films would not have been worth watching, but that's not really any issue at all; since he's there Cool
I haven't seen the second. I was supposed to watch it in theaters, but I got sick so I missed it. Pfft.
I absolutely agree with Shewolf! The movies wouldn't be a blast without Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp is a very talented actor! ..and Keira and Orlando are okay. Smile
Final conclusion, Pirates of the Carribean rocks!
I have seen both parts so far and waiting for the 3th part ... Hoping to watch such a great part again after having fun with the others Very Happy
I LOVE Pirates of the Carribean. It's probably one of my favourite flicks. Of course, that's because Johnny Depp is definitely my favourite actor. That being said, I think that the rest of the cast does a wonderful job in the movie.

I found that the second one (Dead Man's Chest) suffered from what I like to call, "Empire Strikes Back Syndrome" (ESBS) because it presents a bunch of new plots and resolves few.

But I'm sure "At World's End" will probably sum it all up, much as Return of the Jedi did for Star Wars.
I only saw the first part and I can say the music wast too good* for the film.
*I'm not saying the film wasn't good, but the soundtrack was for a 100% action movie, with pirates and battles, not for a gay-looking captain and some ex-pirates joking around.

I first listened to the soundtrack, then I played the game, and then I watched the movie:
great soundtrack-> captain in game -> captain in film
I have to congratulate the Casting Director for choosing Jhonny Depp for that part of Jack Sparrow. It seems like a part made in heaven just for him. ANyone who think Depp made a mistake taking this movie doesn't appreciate what he has done to this movie. His acting is impeccable.

Personally I don't like Keira Knightley. She's got a pretty face, sure. But she's not THAT pretty and her acting is just so so. Anyway she doesn't have a central part in it. The movie is about Jack and Turner.

I too liked the first one best. I bought the DVD the moment I laid eyes on it. I think the third one will be better than the second. Looking forward to it
i think d first one is a lot better than second one. not sure bout the third one though but i still looking forward to it, since i oledi follow 1 and 2.
I enjoyed watching both of them, however they are boring to me maybe because I'm not a fan of pirates. Id watch them again in the future to pas two and a half hours away Laughing
I've seen both of the movies and to be honest, I can't get enough of it.

Captain Jack is awsome!!!

I can't wait to see "At the World's End"

It should be awsome!
the best one was the first. the other two films are just more of the same. the only thing worth of it is depp's character (and keith richards' cameo in the third one). However, I regret every cent I spent in the cinemas for the last film, it was very disappointing, and it even finishes like there would be a fourth one! Shocked that would be just too much
As with Shrek: they should have stayed with the first one and not keep on just for the money Sad
Im guessing everyone has seen the third one by now? Did anyone not like it? Lol!.. It's was gud wasnt it :p.

Althought i didnt get how jacksparrow wasnt even in the film till like half way thru.

Anouther thing was, the very first fight seen when they threw the swords up thru the flood boardwas a bit crappy cuz too much was happening n cldnt rly make anything out. made me think it was gonna be crap. but it was alright in the end.

Bit long tho... cinema seats arent that comfortable =[

the first one for me is the best...

the second is too short

the third is long but has more depp heheheh

nice trilogy nice film Laughing
i have seen all three,

i found the first one great, 2nd ok and 3rd hard to understand.
an example of this is the the start of number 3 where the people associated with being pirates being hanged i found this irrelevat to the movie and wondered the main point of that section
I love those. But I havent seen that 3rd one. But want to 8D

What do you think about Johnny Depp? I think that he is a fabolous actor! Really good.
Lady Elensar
Oooh, I love these movies Very Happy All of them!

Especially Johnny Depp Embarassed But okay, which women doesn't like him Laughing
He is so funny, the humour, splendid.. *falls in love* haha, no, just joking.

But the story, isn't always that great, although the actors makes it a lot better.

Whaha, my English isn't that great too Mad
I just watch for the funny character of Jack Sparrow.

The last one's fight scene was too long. It was dragging.
I loved the first part and also the second one!
The begining of the third was too boring.. Very Happy Maybe I'll find the patience to watch it someday...
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