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Wireless Speakers

OK, in todays modern up and coming technology driven world, how come i can not seem to find some cheap wireless speakers, with bluetooth headsets avaialble for Mobiles etc, why cant i get my hands on some PC speakers that are bluetooth or wireless or InfaRed etc, am i missing a gap in the market or just not looking in the correct place.
Anybody else guide me on this, or is it just s thought of the future?

That there is a URL which shall take you to a $500 5.1 Speaker Set-Up. The only ones I could find for now. Sorry if this doesn't help.
The reason why there are not wireless speakers is because they would suck.

You can't have good quality and good battery life on wireless speakers. Not to mention it costs a hell of a lot. Headsets are a bit different, but are also a bit awkward and never work as well as wired.

Get used to the wires, they will be here for a while.
ohh I hate wires... esp these 5.1 speakers got bunch of them. its so disgusting. Why the quality would be lower if used using bluetooth?
I would only get blutetooth speakers, too much interferece otherwise
heh, wireless speakers yeah.. ok then.. but I wouldn't recommend it, or.. anyway...
Remember microwaves and wireless phones and stuff like that..I think the wireless speakers can get som noise from micro's and phones..

just a warning Wink

and please correct me if I'm wrong Smile
Wired connections in general are cheaper, safer and faster. With some cable management I don't see any problem at all. What's with the wireless hype anyway?
kiranaghor wrote:
Why the quality would be lower if used using bluetooth?

Because the signal is being transferred over wireless, it adds electronics, and that and interference will degrade the signal.

Also, wireless speakers won't be large, because to be any sort of reasonable size, they will be running off small batteries. The small batteries will be powering tiny cones, which can't deliver good sound.
Which makes me wonder, is it a problem if the speakers have one wire attached for socket power, while the data is transferred by wireless? Perhaps there is a product on the market that does that. You will still lose a bit of quality because of the signal but I wouldn't worry about that.
Something like that would be fine. The signal loss from wireless transfer would be negligible, unless you were running a system that costs tens of thousands of dollars. The problem is, that the cost outweighs the benefits, even with a wall plug for power. You would have to send a separate signal to each satellite, which means multiple transmitters, or a really weird signal that each satellite will decode differently. The interference is also a problem-- what if your neighbor has a system too? I just don't think wireless speakers are worth it due to the technical hurdles and the price involved with implementing them.
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