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Cleaning your laptop moniter?

So i have an HP laptop with a nice screen but it is dirty. How should i clean it?

I have read around and already know not to use windex because of ammonia. Not to use acetone. Some have said that since vinegar is an acid it might be bad for a laptop screen.

A lot of people seem to agree on rubbing alcohol diluted in water but then i read that alcohol might eat away at the lcd too so i don't know what to do.

I am poor college student so i cant go out and buy an expensive cleaner for my screen.

What can i use to clean my screen with?
vw_bugg wrote:
know not to use windex because of ammonia.

Ammonia in the windex WILL eat away the coating on the laptop screen.

I decided to take a leap of faith and try some trial and error. I used a bottle of %70 isopropyl rubbing alcohol, poured a bit on a lint free cotton cloth and went for it. It is crystal clear. That is the cleanest it has been since i got it brand new. And no apparent scratches.

Does anyone have a better way to clean their screen?
I use Eyeglasses cleaner from D.O.C. so far no problems Smile
NEVER use Windex on LCD screens.

A bit of water on a paper towel works fine for me.
Macko112 wrote:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, now that is funny. For LCD screens, use an LCD cleaner. They are specially designed for LCD screens. I use Monster LCD Screen Cleaner, which is awesome.
Macko112 wrote:

YES use windex IF YOU'RE A MORON. and you have the money to purchase a new laptop.

The cheapest cleaner out there that actualy works for any LCD monitor is 50% white vinigar and 50% water in a small spray bottle. Spray it on a cloth and then wipe your monitor in a circular motion. not up and down or left to right, this is to prevent streaks.

however if you do chose to use windex... just spray the crap out of the monitor it saves the hassel of the cloth because as soon as windex hits the screen it is ruined anyway.

When cleaning LCD screens you have to make sure that the cleaner you use is Alcohol free and ammonia free. These two things are what will eat away at the screen.

Unfortunatly the cleaner I use is not on the site but you can use the following link to see the type of cloth you should use. It is not abrasive in any way. it is very soft and no fibers will come off the cloth. Plus they are Antistatic type cloths which is good for when cleaning LCD screens.

Just keep in mind when getting a cleaner for a LCD screen, make sure it is Alcohol free and ammonia free and when getting a cloth it is not abrasive and antistatic.

Verify this when getting your cleanning products and you should be all set.

Like glenn83e mentioned when cleaning do so in a circular motion as to avoid streaks, do so in small circles all the way over the screen then finnaly big circles over the screen to finish off

It is overall very inexpensive, a cleaning bottle can last years and the cleaning cloth can last months because you only need to use it once a month unless you some dirt then you can use, but in general all you need to do is clean the screen once a month.
Water has always worked perfectly for me.
Cheapest solution I think. Just wet some kleenex and wipe it down, then dry it with another kleenex.
Make sure they are lotion-free tissues, you don't want greasy streaks on your LCD Shocked
You should try to avoid using any type of paper towel - they generally have a high silica content which will leave microscopic scratches on your screen. Admittedly some papers are better than others but you are much better off using a soft cotton cloth to be safe.
Water is definitely the most environmental friendly solution to this issue. It works. It cost nothing or close to nothing unless you decide that you need a bottle of Evian for your lcd monitor to show your neighbours that you are superior.
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