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Tanning addiction

I have noticed a prevailing trend-- the thought that to the look healthy, you must be tan. I believe it is quite ridiculous that there is such a stigma about being pale or even fair skinned. I am naturally fair skinned (Scandinavian background I guess), but I like having a light tan. But it seems so many people are taking it to an extreme with no regard to their health. Do you think many years from now people will look back at tanning as many of do now at smoking? Will we see the increased cancer rates, the deception of the tanning businesses, and the ignorance of the public to these risks?

Also, I believe tanning may also be quite addictive. I am not a neuroscientist, yet I do know that UV rays cause your brain to let out endorphins...essentially a pleasure chemical, which tricks our neurotransmitters into making us think we are happy. The reason I bring this point up is that a friend of mine had mentioned, jokingly, that if they didn't go to the tanning bed they felt like crap. Do you believe that tanning salons, etc. should be required to post more information about the risks of cancer (including statistics) and also be mandated to inform their customers about the possible risk of addiction, much as the tobacco industry is now required to do? Just some thoughts.
I also have naturally pale skin, and I'd much rather stay that way than look fake like a lot of people who tan all the time. Besides, I tend to burn rather than tan (never been tan in my life) - and I think that white is much nicer looking than bright pink/red when it comes to skin color.

I'm not sure whether tanning is actually addictive, but there's a tanning salon on every other block (literally) where I live. It's a bit frightening and ridiculous.
I thinkk tanning is more dangorus tan just getting sun. And yes i think we will look back at tanning in that way, we will end up with higher skin cancer rates. Especially the younger generation.
I used to tan alot, felt great, beeing brown at winter.. but don't anymore.. to many taning places get's destroyed.. ppl remove the filter and stuff.. so dangerous.. + alot of ppl get robed wile taning, since most of us fall alseep and dont hear if someone comes in and take all our stuff..

The tan I get now is the one I get from beeing out in the sun.. have to say that alot of my friends stoped with "fake" tan aswell cause of the risks..
All forms of tanning are dangerous. It is the exposure to UV light that can cause damage to the DNA in your skin and lead to cancer formation. This tends to be equally true for deep tanning and for sunburns. Severe blistering sunburns tend to be the most dangerous -- not to mention they suck anyways. A lot of people like tanning for the way it can even out various skin tones and for the healthy glow it gives you. After all, it says you are not sick but rather able to get outside and go around and that you are not a hermit.

It is certainly reasonable to get color in the summertime, but only very gradually. Otherwise lotion up and stay away from the UV deathbeds.
I forgot to mention that some people like to cite the need for sunlight to synthesize Vitamin D as a reason to get outside without sunscreen. Not true -- Vitamin D will be produced even with sunscreen on. PLUS, at most latitudes you only need a few minutes (5-10) a day of sunlight to get the Vitamin D you need.
I personally enjoy being fair-skinned. I'm also of Scandinavian background and I agree with you about there being a great deal of stigma I think about being pale...even more so in Minnesota, where I live, where tanning is an extremely common thing between teenage girls (and women). (It's kind of creepy, actually. Humans don't naturally walk around looking baked and orange.) Most girls overdo it and end up looking freakish or totally fake and don't seem to realize that the ideal is for a sunkissed glow (or to me that least that seems to be the case.) You can get a much more pretty colour from spray-on tans or lotions, which don't involve tanning or exposure to sunlight at all.
Does anyone think that looking orange is good? I, for one, have never been a proponent of false tanning. Not because I feel that it is less healthy, although sitting under high-intensity UV lights for a couple hours doesn't really sound safe (but then again, how safe is bathing in the carcinogenic radiation of a giant ball of fire?), but because it doesn't seem right. I really hate that orange color, though. Disgusting.
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