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Digital Tuner Card Problems/Issues

I've got a problem with my new digital tuner card. The picture on the HD channels and on most of the SD channels "freezes" for a second or two every minute or so. This seems to happen the most on Channel Seven (I live in Australia and get the Melbourne channels) and is worst on the HD channels. I don't think it's specific to the channels, as I'm getting around 90-100% signal strength on all of them. Any ideas?

Here's the rundown of my PC:

Motherboard: ASUS P5S800-VM
CPU: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
RAM: 512MB DDR333 + 512MB DDR400 (total 1GB at 333MHz)
Graphics: onboard SiS 661FX (32MB)
Audio: SoundBlaster Audigy
TV Tuner Card: WinFast DTV2000H

Hard Disks/CD Drives:
C: - 6GB IDE 66ATA (operating system & programs)
D: - 250 SATA 150 (main documents & video/audio storage)

Some of my Software:

Windows XP SP2
PowerProducer 2
PowerDVD 7
Winfast PVR2
Ulead MediaStudio 7
Nero Express
ZoneAlarm Firewall
Avira AntiVir

I've tried reinstalling the Winfast DVR software, updated the drivers for both the tuner card and the graphics card, tried AVS TV Box DVR software and closing as many programs as possible.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Your graphics card is probably the culprit. My new hd tuner did not work very well on my old computer, and it froze frames every 10 seconds or so or the image lagged behind the voice by a split second. However this computer had an old 5200 nvidia. On my newer computer, which is sli'ing 2 76GT's, the tuner works beautifully.
Thanks for the suggestion. As of yet, I haven't tried replacing the graphics card (I'm trying to avoid further expenditure if possible), so I've been slowly eliminating other possibilities. Here's what I've been able to totally eliminate as a possible problem:

    Physical connections (plugs and cables)

Which leaves me with the following possibilities:

    Hard disk speed (unlikely since I've tried reinstalling my OS on my faster SATA drive, but to no avail)
    Codecs (also unlikely since my reinstall had no other codecs except the default ones and the LeadTek codec)
    Graphics card

If there are any other possible causes of my problem (which is my Digital TV signal apparently freezes every couple of minutes, sometimes multiple times a minute. It seems to freeze regardless of channel, viewing/recording or minimized/full screen) I'd appreciate the suggestions before I go buy a new graphics card.

Update 11/04/2007: I have since tried using my computer at a relative's house and discovered that there was no problem with the tuner card using their antenna (so it's not my graphics card). I will now be looking at repositioning or replacing my antenna.
You can use a professional tv software like chris TV Get it from Here.It may solve your problem.Quality is much better than winfast PVR. Please check whether your tv tuner chip is supported.It has an auto detect feature.So you shouldnot have any problem. Most cards are supported.
You can use a professional tv software like chris TV Get it from Here.It may solve your problem. Quality is much better than winfast PVR. Please check whether your tv tuner chip is supported. It has an auto detect feature. So you should not have any problem. Most cards are supported.

Thanks for the suggestion - I'm trying it out now.

I'm also in the process of installing a new antenna, which should help a lot. I've been using either a portable antenna (not a bunny ears one, but one off a caravan) or the main antenna, which is about thirty years old (hence why I'm replacing it). Hopefully this will solve the problem.
some tv cards are quite sensitive to grounding faults, I had one that was just like that, after I isolated some stuff it worked smoothly, It's just a suggestion,
I believe your mobo has an AGP slot. Buying an upgraded video card for it would be dirt-cheap.

Anything here is an upgrade:

I would recommend the 6200LE:
the other approach is using a similar card. if you have friends who has cards of allmost the same specs, borrow it for a while and put it on you PC. if that solve the problem then it means that you're PC is fine and the culprit is your Card. or do it the other way arround.

I hope this helps.
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. The new antenna is set up and working, and this seems to have stopped the drop-outs on all digital channels. I'll look into that graphics card, as I sometimes notice the video seems sluggish (for live HD only, not playback).
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