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colored guitar strings.

Has anyone ever heard of this?
the clear coating on the strings is dyed a certain color
they are on this site
I thought if some of you play you would like this.
I have a blue and a black guitar B-) I am getting some more strings today blue and black.
We are playing MUSIC, right?

It's nothing to do with COLORS!!!
I don't get the point...

Ok, it might be a cool little gimmick, but if you are playing rock or metal its no-go.

I am Razz I thought they looked cool I am already wearing the color off them and I bought them today Shocked
$12.50 but the tone is pretty good from them... damn I should have gotten elixers they are so smooth.
If I can find my rechargeable batteries I'll post a pic of them
I only tried colored strings once, and I hated them. I bought a set of Black Diamond black coated strings, and they broke after a few days, when it usually takes me months to break strings. So, for anyone looking for black strings, stay away from the Black Diamond brand!
Those strings are just another gimeck designed for someone to make money. I have to admit though, they are cool, but they won't sound better than other strings.
Alright I guess, seems like a bit of a waste though.
Sounds like a cheap gimick to me. They will almnost certainly sound terrible and won't wear very well. Coloured strings would just looks stupid on most guitars in my opinion anyway.
If ernie ball or rotosound make them then I'll take them seriously but until then no thanks!
A bit of a waste, but hey - whatever gets people playing and practising.

I like getting black nylon strings for my classical guitar. It's mildly exciting.
The Mitchell
meh it doesnt matter what colour the strings are. go ahead buy them. if their tone is good and they play well for you then bollocks to it buy them all you want. I dont see the point in spending extra on a colour personally but its your money. At the end of the day most people probably wont listen or care what my opinion is on here so bugger it. ill not be buying them but feel free.
^^ True.

If you were blind you would not care.
Quite ugly strings, I don't like them... Rolling Eyes
Elixir should make colored strings. They really lead the pack when it comes to strings. as they say"After experiencing Elixir® Strings, it’s hard to go back to the old way of life. Sure, the need to buy fewer sets of strings saves you money. But more important is the joy of knowing that your strings are always ready when you are."
rcqpugh wrote:
But more important is the joy of knowing that your strings are always ready when you are."
Iv never had a problem with strings not being ready for me.... does this happen for anyone else? Laughing
Elixir strings are very expensive and not so durable as they say. I hate them
Love, not hate. Love.
They do sound like a gimmick, and I'm sure that the color will wear off pretty fast, since you're going to be doing all that picking and strumming and whatnot with it. But then again, but the time that happens you'll need new strings. Maybe it'll be a good indicator of when to change your strings?
Mine have significantly worn sense I have put them on... I really like elixer strings they are so smooth. I haven't ever played with strings and they be smoother.
I haven't broke any of the strings yet though... which I odd I play hard on them. my pick guard will show that lol.
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