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Correct me if I'm wrong, but SEO has something to do with both incoming and outgoing links.

Currently Google and Guests can't see our signatures or websites but maybe we could pay you to make them visible Rolling Eyes

What I am thinking is, if we pay you 500 FRIH$, our website can become visible on the guest mode (Nofollow Free). 500 Frih$ is too high for people to spam, and would require at least 125 posts (all at 4 points each) is order to achieve the status.

This would boost both your's and ours pagerank due to the amount of links.
This is a great idea I very strongly support it, except I think the posts should be more like three hundred or so, the more experienced a member is the less likely it will be spam, some people are willing to pay 500 frih and still spam and get a kick out of it.
I too think that this is a good idea. There should be a restriction on either the number of posts and/or the duration of stay at frihost in order to apply for this.

A backlink to a good site will boost our site's PR as well as be good for SEO. Please do consider this bondings.

The restrictions will mean that only serious members will/can apply. Very Happy
Thats the best suggestion ive heard in a long time! Very very good idea and I hope bondings takes it into consideration.
Captain Fertile
I can't claim to realise all the issues involved witth this but it sounds like a good idea.
That would involve alot of work, but I suppose it's an alright idea.

ps. I'm pretty sure url bbcodes (at frihost anyways) are appended with a nofollow attribute.
Marston wrote:
That would involve alot of work, but I suppose it's an alright idea.

ps. I'm pretty sure url bbcodes (at frihost anyways) are appended with a nofollow attribute.

Not really, just an extra row in the member's table (paid_website) with a value of true or false. Then Bondings would add this code to the viewtopic.tpl file or whatever its called:


if ($row['paid_website'] == true)echo "<a href=\"". $row['WEBSITE'] "\">". $row['USERNAME']. "</a>";
Its a good idea but i dought bondings will go for it. Sorry just telling out the truth. Bondings put a lot of time into making it this way and did it for a reason. So i doubt he would do that.

But i think it should be like 500 frih with like 300 posts or something like that. 400 in my mind is too high and 125 is too low. 300 i think is the idle number.
I'm sorry, but there are a lot of reasons why I'm not displaying the signatures to guests and they are pretty important to me, so there is no way I'm going to change it. To name a few:

Google and other search engines view this as duplicate/useless content on a page and hence devalue it or even place it in the supplemental index (google).

All the outgoing links would result in less indexing. Also the fact that most of them are on the same ip and some are linking back will give a bad neighbourhood penalty in google.

It's not easy to code and I have other priorities. It would also be pretty weird to guests to see only a few signatures, especially when I want them to register to view the 'normal' topic view (avatars, signatures, ...).

Edit: Blaster just posted another good reason, I did put a lot of time and tweaking into this
Exactly what i figured. And i totaly understand 100% why you do this.

And why waste all that hard work into basicly undoing it. It would be good for us but not frihost. And as long as frihost is getting more and more people signing up then its like the same thing. So now them people signing up will get to click on our websites and all. So really its better for us this way because the page rank of frihost is better. No need to drop frihosts page rank and keep ours basicly the same.
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