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Partitions problem in XP

Hello guys!

I have an HP Pavilion model 7955 recently I had a problem with the video card and the system stoped at windows startup so I was compelled to use a boot disk. But when I got to the prompt A:/ with my boot disk and I try to go to C:/ the cpc says that the unit is invalid, and I can´t acces it. Do anyone of you know why I can not acces drive c: and how can I solve the problem? I have windows xp home edition and I used a boot disk I created with Windows XP. I will appriciate any help.

The first question is do you still have files in your harddisk that are worth saving? If none, then you totally reinstall windows or reformat your harddrive. Things like this happen with such PC packages especially if the Start-up disc is corrupt. You can also use Fdisk to format your drive. In XP, if you mess-up system settings and files in your harddrive - and you try to access an old C:/ account (or username/administrator name), yes you can't access it sometimes especially if it had limitations like if the drive was set to be only accessible via the administrator. And since you're no longer an administrator and you're a guest, you can't access it. If you need some files to save in the drive, you can try bringing them back if you have prepared before a recovery disc. Things will still be better for you if you can enter the PC and still use DOS-commands. With that you can still copy some files, reformat the drive or reinstall/update windows. Also check if the start-up disc you're using is still ok - or damaged (which causes data corruption).
If THE11thROCK™ his solution did not help you can also download Knoppix (that's a Linux) on and access you c: drive from there.

It's good to make a backup from all the important files on your c: drive to a cd-r(w) and then reinstall windows
no no theres no need to reinstall windows....
u cant access your hard disk coz its probably installed as NTFS, and NTFS cannot be accessed over DOS (without some external programs anyways)...

what you need to do is try and boot into windows in safe mode (press F8 to bring up the menu during boot) or look here and then restore your system to a previous date where it worked fine (assuming system restore was on which it should be by default)

another option would be to choose Last Known Good Configuration at that menu. reformatting your computer for something this small should be your last resort.
Browse your files, recover partitions, undelete files, and more:


thanks a lot for your kindly help. I have found that the solution I was Looking for.


Active@ partition recovery is a tool that is really capable of restoring lost partitions. It worked great for me so I think you can give it a try.
I suggest too you reintall your pc. and if you have some files to back up, use a live linux distro like beatrix.its about 200 mb and u should be able to copy the files to another hd or cd. if you want to know more about it pm me
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