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Raw Brazil Nuts for Smoking?

It was suggested by Reg to get raw brazil nuts for smoking. I
bought about 2lbs of what wedrelabelled as raw from the bulk bin,
but I think these are already roasted.

Are they supposed to be this crisp? These have the texture of
roasted brazil nuts, just no salt. Shouldn't they be a little
soft and mushy? Or are they crisp and crunchy like this when
I am pretty sure that Brazil nuts are always "crunchy" but crunchiness is somewhat subjective.
Wouldn't some good old fashion marijuana be good for smoking?
I mean i dont think that Brazil nuts have any medicinal properties.

Very Happy Very Happy
This post was misleading.
I came here fully expecting to be instructed on the ways of preparing brazil nuts in order to get stoned, i must say I'm quite dissapointed.
I think I should like to speak to the manager.

But on topic, if you rub the nut against a rough surface so a small amount grates off, if it looks and feels almost like like desiccated coconut, then its fresh. My grandma bought fresh nuts every christmas and we use to crack them and eat them raw.
Thy tasted so great, why would you want to smoke them anyway? Unless of course, you would get high.
I sincerley apologize for my inappropriate out burst, i shall slap myself silly.
This time i reasearch and have an intellegent awnser.

I have not actually tried to smoke nuts.

First what do you have available to smoke them in? Do you have a smoker?

Some tips i copied from somewhere else, site at end of post.

* If you eat these nuts while they're hot (especially the almonds), you'll notice they're kind of soft, but they'll get more crunchy as they cool.
* Inexpensive 12" round foil pizza pans work well for smoking nuts. They fit nicely on the cooking grate, they allow plenty of room so that two cups of nuts can be stirred without losing any into the fire, they keep the nuts from cooking too quickly, and they are disposable. You'll find these pans in the baking aisle at the grocery store.
* Don't go overboard on the amount of charcoal you use. You only need enough fuel to maintain 250-350 for about an hour. Using too much charcoal is a waste and will make it harder to control the cooker temperature, since there's no water in the water pan.
* Keep a close eye on the cooker temperature and the nuts themselves. Nuts are easily overcooked if you're not careful.

This one has the tips from above and some recipes mostly using almonds though.

Heres one using macadamia nuts and an oven though i dont know how it would taste.

Here is a very good one too

hehe a side note i found in my searches, something to make you laugh

Again i apologize for the rudeness i know better, i couldnt resist a laugh though.
Duncan Idaho
...Got some insight there huh? Wink I wouldn't know, but who came up with this idea anyway?
strange idea.. sounds interesting.. haha
Smoke... nuts? It's an interesting idea, I suppose, but I'd really like to know the rational behind this.

I'd much rather have a handful of nuts to munch on, myself Wink
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