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Poll: On the Government

Do you trust the government or Believe that the government is corrupted?
I trust our government and stand behind them
 7%  [ 1 ]
Slimy little b*stards
 78%  [ 11 ]
I don't know and I don't care
 0%  [ 0 ]
Go Jump off a Cliff
 14%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 14

A simple of poll of how many people trust our government.
Captain Fertile
I dont trust the government at all but sadly we are stuck with them.

I am talking from a British point of view but on the whole I am pretty sure all government officials are similar the world over.
It's not a very a good poll, really. The options seem to be

a) Fully trust
b) Fully corrupt
c) Don't give a...

Most people aren't going to fit into those categories. Ignoring the few blindly patriotic and the few stupidly suspicious, it would more fair to say most people mostly trusted the government, but aren't ignorant enough to believe there is no corruption at all.

Captain Fertile: Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is a little thing called ELECTIONS. With the exception of royalty, whose influence is AFAIK insignificant compared to the executive government, you can elect an entirely different government.

(FYI, I live in Australia, so my knowledge of other government systems may be lacking.)
Don't rly trust any goverment, anywhere.. people with power have a habit to use it in the wrong way, maybe not in public, but all politicians have some skeletons in their closet
I think they are slimy little bastar**
And I agree that the options aren't good "Jump off a cliff" ? :/
In Poland the goverment done so many wrong things that it's hard to trust them anymore, everything is wrong and so far noone managed to fix the most important problems. Aside of that they come up with the strangest ideas (mostly for school reforms). I hope it gets better soon...
I've assumed you meant the government of the USA rather than my own government (UK). Either way the answer's the same. Slimy little bastar** isn't completely how I feel but it's the nearest available choice.
I think I trust my government..
Sadly I know more about the US government than my own (Canadian). I can say that I think the US government is corrupt, though.
I doubt the United States' government is entirely corrupt, but it is definitely not that trustworthy. Our president, George W. Bush, certainly has a great amount of "skeletons in the closet". He also has not done what he originally told the people in order to get their votes.

Examples of this "semi-corruption" would be the recent firing of those attorneys and the response to Hurricane Katrina. With the first, no one seems to know what is going on or why those attorneys were suddenly released. The Attorney General, highest in his department, doesn't even know whether or not he knew about the firings! Laughing

As for the second, we've all seem the news. After Katrina hit the city of New Orleans the streets should have been filled with troops and officials to aid with the aftermath. Did that happen? Nope. The biggest help was from rock stars and celebrities. I went to New Orleans after the hurricane to help with the rescuing of stranded civilians, and I saw thing that should never be witnessed inside the great United States of America. We are among the richest and most civilized countries of the world, and yet a month after the tragedy the city looked like a poor South American village. FEMA? Nope. The government? Nope. Only George Clooney and Bono. Rolling Eyes

But these are just my opinions.

God bless,
Azmo wrote:
Don't rly trust any goverment, anywhere.. people with power have a habit to use it in the wrong way, maybe not in public, but all politicians have some skeletons in their closet

I agree here... no matter who gains the power, the person who gains the power usually abuses it... and this does not stop at politicians... this can go to your current workplace... someone gets promoted, and generally, they let the power get to their head...
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