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Are You Happy Being With The Person You Are With?

Now I have a fiance and she uses this too so I don't want her to take this the wrong way.

Anyway, Question is, are you happy with the person that you are with? Have you ever thought about what would have happened if you didn't go on that first date? or make that first phone call?

Have you ever caught yourself flirting with someone else, even though you are with someone? I know I have. I have caught myself a few times. But does it mean that I am not inlove with the person that I am currently with? Or is it just something that all males do?

Then again I have seen fome females do the same, flirting with guys while they are with someone. Does that make them a bad boyfriend/girlfriend?

I have asked myself that question time and time again.

Has there ever been a time where you have had a dream about someone else while being with someone else? What does that mean?

Feel free to respond Smile
Then again I have seen some females do the same, flirting with guys while they are with someone. Does that make them a bad boyfriend/girlfriend?

I don't think so. Obviously there is a line of propriety, but I don't think that being "with" someone should stop you from socializing with people. If your bf/gf trusts you (and you're a decent person), then they should know that your not serious, its just flirting, and part of social life. And no, this does'nt mean you don't love you're fiance, flirting is just they way some people communicate.
With the question are you happy with the person you are with?Yes I am verrrry happy with the person i am with but it it is normal to flirt like the last person said it is a way ppl comunicate to make ppl have a good impression about you. Me in my own experiance is that if you trust the person u are with and you know the person loves you it is ok but not ok allll the time then u know when something is up/ but in honesty if you are flirting in front of your Girlfirend/boyfriend it does make them bit confrontable going from my own experiance and i know ppl would agree with me here but realy they don't even know they are doing it and it is ok with me flirting is ok but not in front of gf/bf. and in all honestly i am soo glad i did not take that call or first date I am in love with the person i am with right now and would not want to be with anyone eles i found the one i want to be with i found my night in shining aromour Wink who reads this everyday. But this is my own expreiance i have had bad realtionships until this one Smile he is my best friend No where eles were i would rather be/ Wink [/b]
Hay i have been in this boat a long time, I am with a guy my self but i still hit flirt with others, some times it's females not just males.... My guy just sit's there like i'm a movie scene, if you think about it really i thought he would have wanted to punch the guy's lights out and take me home, but he just sat there injoying it... Like seriously... We both agree'd a hug with a mate and a kiss on the cheek is fine, but... lips thats then stepping acroos the line... and flirting it's like a hug.... all you are going is doing somethink like a hug... some thimes it's a cry out for effection or entertainment... but yeah i doubt there is any thing wrong.
When you in a relationship you should feel the connection, but if you don't then there could be an issue. talk it out with her, maybe you just need to get a little bit more fiysty with her....
i think flirting is natural and thats why you might catch yourself doing it when you dont intend to
I am quite happy with the person I'm with. I will also on occasion hug and flirt with others, as does she. It hasn't been much of a problem for either of us, although I have gotten quite jealous in the past. We now both know that the other won't do "anything" with anybody else and we're okay with it.
This question is the one that has been keeping me wondering for the past few days (and, actually, partially for all the time I have been in relationship with my girlfriend)...

It's just that sometimes when I am with her (and sometimes when I am not) I feel very very happy and I feel that I would never want to be with anyone else. But sometimes I think about our relationship and feel that I am not satisfied. Sometimes I flirt with other girls and then I feel bad because it feels as though it proved that our relationship is bad.

And I am really confused because my thoughts change every day.

Furthermore, I know that I won't be able to break up with the person I am now with because we broke up once already but I came back because I felt as though I will never be with anyone else in the world.

So, all in all, I think it depends heavily on situation... it always does in relationships.
I always flirt alot, never think of it tho, it's "natural" for me to do that. It just happens, w/o I even notice it most times.. anyways, I feel that this is kinda harmless tho.. and mostly just to make a good imperssion with people.

As long as you trust eachother and love eachother I dont think it's anything to worry about. But the true answer do only you know.. is there a reason for your lady to worry? are your feelings for her only 99% true? are you foling yourself imagine that you love her when you actually don't? is there some part of you that feels like you wanna be "free"? if you can honestly answer YES to any of these questions, well, maybe you should have a talk with your lady about it.

Otherwise, it's perfectly natural to look on others, see but not touch.. everyone look on w/e we find beautiful...

Hope your love last forever tho! Smile Good luck!
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I am sooo in love with my fiance, so to answer your question...
YES!! I am happy with the person I am with.
As for flirting, I must confess that I do flirt, but he does not see my flirting as a problem. Actually he is quite entertained when he sees the reaction of other people when I flirt.
I am not married and don't even have a girlfriend but I'm really happy with one my friend, a girl who lives nearby my house. We happen to hang out and do sort of things together. I've already expressed my true feeling to her but she refused that politely and hope that we can still be good friends..Anyway I'm happy with her decision..Plus we both still studying at the university and still have lots of things to sort out..
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