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Does anyone like Portable FireFox?

I love Firefox, but we have IE 6 at my school. I tried using Portable Firefox, but it runs unbearably s l o w and takes up almost half of my network drive space. Does anyone know how to make it faster or smaller? (or of any other super tiny browsers?)
oh well ...luks like u have an xtra S L O W PC at your school. its time you press a demand and upgrade the Computers.

Try Opera, u may like it too... it has tap browsing and other cool features. why dont u check out IE 7. its extra super cool.
I'm confused. You say it takes up space on the disk? Although you can copy it to the hdd so that it doesn't all have to run in the ram, the idea is kinda to run off a cd or usb drive. Although quit abit of functionality is removed, text-based browsers can be useful in a jiffy. Elinks is portable (12 files but doesn't need to be installed). The computer likely don't have enough RAM which is why they are so slow - that and school admins tend to install a bunch of bloatware (anti-viruses, deepfreeze, etc) on the computers which doesn't help the situation.
Hm, it works pretty fast for me. Maybe your usb drive is slow.
If you only want to bring the bookmarks with you, you may install the google bookmark buttom plugin for firefox ( If you only care of the cookies, you may start firefox from the command line with: firefox.exe -ProfileManager to setup a different profile or launched your persional profile. See for profile details.
You may backup or restore you profile with your USB stick.
i like is pretty much... but when u have Laptops then u dont need them any more... as you can carry all those application installed Smile
Thanks myrevolt. Elinks looks to be exactly what i need.

Only about 2% of the school computers will work with flash drives, all the rest wont let you install them. I have 64mb of network space and since corel files take up craploads of space, I only have 20mb left. Elinks is super tiny (5mb)! Hopefully it will work great.
Why not talk to whoever is responsible for the computers at your school?

Point out that FireFox:

  • is a more reliable and secure browser than IE,
  • is increasing in popularity so all the users will benefit from learning about it - not that there's much to learn unless you want to write extensions for it,
  • runs more efficiently than IE, so FireFox users will see improved performance from the slow PCs (your performance problem is probably due to slow access of the network drive),
  • is necessary if you're involved in web design as you need access to as many browsers as possible to test your code properly,
  • conforms more tightly, than IE, to coding standards so the students will produce better code.

If you present your case well, with reasoned arguments, you might just persuade the school to install it.
you really cant expect IT admin to believe students...
and if the IT there is anything like the IT at my school, they will even laught at you for suggesting that you know something better than they do...

give it a shot though, maybe you are lucky!

portable firefox works great at work for me admin rights = Sad
HA! our IT staff doing something like that. The same people who block for "entertainment"? They have those computers locked down tighter than uhh... something really tight. You can't change your background, enter task manager, command prompt, iTunes or change anything; even if you do manage to change something it gets wiped out when you log off. I knew a kid who looked at pr0n, and got suspended within 20 minutes. The teacher didn't even know. These guys know (or think they know) anything and everything that goes on the network. There not changing to software that they cannot cripple their way to "saftey".
haha, our school IT staff even go to the extend of blocking firefox completely. you are unable to run firefox.exe either from local installation or portable firefox. dunnoe why they hate FF so much, and they are still using IE6...
I use it and it runs fine straight off my thumb drive. It runs faster than IE 6 does, even when IE is running off the hard disk itself. I'm not really surprised at this, myself. I don't know what to say about your computer/removable storage medium being slower, but my hardware is quick as can be. Haven't had any complaints.
I use it at school all the time. It seems to work perfect with few or no glitches, unfortunately most computers only have USB 1.1 ports so it is a little slow at startup.

My school has very lax security measures, such as the generic teacher account's password being "password". The students, however, don't do anything malicious, showing people only do bad things when they're told not to. Smile
I have been trying to install Firefox on the school computers with the rest of "The Geek Network" but our only admin computer that we have access to has been reconfigured so we failed at it.
We still use IE6, and its painful to think about... Cool
Make sure you are connecting over USB 2.0, and are using a fast USB drive.
firefox portable?

u can download Firefox_Portable_2.0.0.3_en-us.paf.exe at

download and install into your usb drive...
I use it at my university and I find only slow when I start it. After a while it works great!!
My school is going to switch over to Edubuntu so we have Firefox anyway Very Happy

Ubuntu rules so hard.
asianwannabe999 wrote:
Hm, it works pretty fast for me. Maybe your usb drive is slow.

I love Firefox but i never knew tere was aportable version for desktops. but why not just coopy thehole Firefox folder from thenormal Firefox folder on yourhomepc burn to cd and bringit toschool i don this wither Firefox on ajump drive and it ran fign on a nother computer
brokenadvice wrote:
I love Firefox, but we have IE 6 at my school. I tried using Portable Firefox, but it runs unbearably s l o w and takes up almost half of my network drive space. Does anyone know how to make it faster or smaller? (or of any other super tiny browsers?)

I use Portable Firefox all the time at school. All I do is copy it from my usb to my network folder and rename it notepad.exe.
Agent ME
If portable firefox runs really slow, try setting the cache amount to 0 - if you enable cache, it writes the cache to your flashdrive as you browse the internet, and that slows it down a lot.
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