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Rain of girls

In the past I was desesperated beacuse all girls I loved didn't want a relation with me. Nowadays, a rain of girls are calling me, invite me to go out, send me messages, I mean they are behind me.
I wanna know what was the thing I did to reach this change. And every girl I met is pretiest. Razz
You hit/completed puberty and you developed confidence. Smile That usually does it. Or you gained a large amount of money, or a really cool car. Good for you! Laughing
That's the strange thing, I don't have money neither car. It's like a good luck moment
when you're not interested i guess it makes you much more attractive?
Da Rossa
Maybe you started a serious relationship with somebody, or they think you did. For a guy that always got dodged by the girls, that would be a good reason why they would suddenly chase you.
agree with the others, those are the most likley scenarios. You never specified when this happend, but this is what happend to me..

Ok during 4-6 grade, you knw, when you u start to get in puberty and stuff, no girl wanted me, and I guess i wasnt the best looking boy in my class either. However, when you realise that you can't get a girlfriend (doesnt hurt that much when you are 12 years old) you kinda become friends with the girls instead.. or atleast, that's what I did.. w/o thinking about it..

anyawys, nothing ever happens at this point, still to young, but when we hit like the 7:th grade and so on, the girls started to value that friendship and one thing led to another. I became the most attrativ guy in my class, not because of my looks, but cause I did something many of the other guys didnt.. and the word spread, "he's so nice....."

nothing I had ever planed, it just happend.. now could something like this have happend to you aswell? When you couldnt get a gf, you became friends with them instead, very good friends..

anyways, you should not complain about it, but do not fall for temtation either. It can be alot of fun havig sex with all those girls, and after, no one wants you.. that kinda sux.. Smile hehe anyways.. GL man, hope you find your princess!
Well, that's very a good news for you, girls pop all around you. I really don't know exactly the reasons maybe it's naturally that, they come and go. Try to go out with them one at the time who knows? You'll find who fits for you.
Hmm, well have you been using AXE body spray (supposedly its suppose to attract women Razz)

~love: nIkKi
You only think that, at fast you try to cathe them they get away. Are they really flirting or just need to talk with a friend?
Haha, yes~ It must be the AXE factor. XD Though I really don't think it smells THAT good. Maybe hair change? Did you just hit puberty?
Da Rossa
Come on Melvimol... tell us all the secret.
Have you checked (or had checked) the graffiti in the ladies toilets recently? Maybe they know something you don't......

Keep being nice to them and hopefully it won't stop...... and when it does make sure you keep one on hand
maybe you stopped being a wussie and begging them to get interested in you... now they are all over you because you just are more confident, and the more they come, the more confident you are Very Happy
guys generally will have more success later in life than when they're adolecents
well, i think all guys go through a period where girls will just flourish at u...i remember i got out of a long relationship and for 2 years, i was dating girls left and right...all flings, all of a sudden they just came...after the era, i settled's weird...
rain of what???
i wanna a rain of girls man!!
that would be great!!
brilliantbeauty wrote:
... Or you gained a large amount of money, or a really cool car. Good for you! Laughing

Yes! I like this idea Very Happy
A rain of women...that would be a bloody mess, and quite difficult to clean up.

I'm not sure, but I think he said he didn't get an influx of money or a car, so whatever there. As to the original poster's current situation, however- that's really weird. Weird, but nonetheless, not bad.
I have the same case like you!

Used to do the same as you begged and asked.
However I decided to leave that for a life of seclusion, study and games which in highschool didn't get me far. Twisted Evil

but then since I doged it one day I was studying while my classmates were talking about love...

The girls asked me how would I treat my girlfriend...
I answered like a princess, be faithful and respect her, all were amazed Question
of my way of thinking, 'cause they thought I was a kid in maturity, and they were telling their boys "Treat me like that" or "Learn from him" and asked me why I hadn't dated anyone I answered, that I wanted a tender girl and that I simply hadn't found one.

After that day everything changed they wanted to study,hang yadayadayada with me.

So I guess sensibility and respect get you far, still today I say this and works!
Bofia wrote:
when you're not interested i guess it makes you much more attractive?

haha. one of the oldest tricks.
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